7 Proven Digital Marketing Strategies for Software Companies

by Hareem Malik
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digital marketing strategies

Building great software companies requires lots of smart work, effort, and effective digital marketing strategies. If you have already built a competitive SaaS product, this is just the start of your long journey. Generating revenue is the primary aim of every business, and with so many options in each category, becoming the leading choice is challenging. 

You can have awesome features, but they aren’t valuable if the company cannot generate sales. That is where you have to rely on digital marketing strategies, seasoned marketers, and sales professionals. 

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Any software company with a decent product and a blend of digital marketing strategies and teams can become successful by following the right path. No company has unlimited money to spend on marketing and product development. While product development is the backbone of the company, you should look for strategies that provide the best returns on your marketing investments. 

If you are new to digital marketing for software companies, don’t worry. As we advance, we will discuss the factors you should consider before selecting set of digital marketing strategies, including seven additional effective strategies that you can try out right away. 

Guidelines for Navigating Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing strategies

Decide and understand your goals

You need a clear goal whenever you turn to your marketing team to select a strategy. Whether you want to build awareness about your products, increase sales, or generate more credibility in the market, you should first decide what you want to achieve after running a digital marketing strategy. 

Find the target audience

Once you have decided on your goals, you need to find and finalize a target audience for your goals. Your target audience will change as your goals change, and this plays a significant role in selecting your digital marketing strategies. Some may work well with a specific audience group, and some may not. 

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Create a budget for effective digital marketing strategies

Every strategy requires a budget to start with. You will never have unlimited money to invest in a digital marketing strategy. This will also limit your options sometimes, and it will not allow you to try out some radical ideas. So, before looking for digital marketing strategies, you should create a budget and stick to it so that you don’t get disheartened if the strategy does not yield the desired results. 

Analyze resources and availability

Most software companies have smaller marketing teams when compared with their development teams. This means that there will be many marketing projects going on, and to try out new digital marketing strategies, you may have to analyze your resources and availability.

Overburdening your teams will only make it worse, and your marketing department’s return on investment (ROI) will start deteriorating sooner. Hence, when selecting digital marketing strategies, always analyze and check your team’s availability. 

Knowing the factors to consider while selecting digital marketing strategies, this is the right time to discuss some of them. So, let’s find out the seven most effective digital marketing strategies in the upcoming section. 

7 proven digital marketing strategies for software companies

1. Influencer marketing

influencer marketing as one of the effective digital marketing strategies

Influencer marketing is an emerging digital marketing strategy that is working wonders for many software companies. Influencers are people who have a significant following on social media platforms, and they create content on specific topics. As they cater to specific topics, they attract a large number of like-minded individuals. 

Suppose there is a guest blogger or an influencer who creates high-quality content on cybersecurity topics; naturally, their target audience and followers will have more interest in cybersecurity. 

Influencer marketing involves teaming up with influential content creators in your niche and leveraging their established audience to promote and sell your software products. Such content creators can promote your brand among their audience and influence them to purchase the products. 

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It also helps you get the benefits of various social media platforms for your business. Tools like ContentStudio can help you effectively manage multiple social media platforms, even aiding you in understanding the impact of your strategies, audience behavior, and competitors to launch well-designed marketing campaigns. Marketing through this channel significantly boosts your brand’s credibility and trust among your desired audience. 

2. Email marketing

email marketing as one of the proven digital marketing strategies

Email marketing is one of the most trusted and used digital marketing strategies among software companies. This method assists companies in reaching their targets pretty easily, and it is quite cost-effective too. While it is among the oldest strategies, it also provides great returns on investment, and some companies have even achieved 81% ROI through their email marketing investments. 

ROI of email marketing

To start email marketing for your business, you need to build a mailing list full of relevant people. You can do that by collecting email IDs from your website visitors or from collected data. In this case you can craft great emails and newsletters that can influence people into buying your products or services. You can also organize webinars to attract and engage your audience and build effective brand recognition for your business. 

3. Free trials and experiences for effective digital marketing strategies

free trials and experiences

Nothing grows your sales and followers like free trials and experience offers. Everyone loves free stuff, and this strategy has worked well for every software company that has tested it. 

No matter how explanatory your product reviews are, people are always hesitant to invest in a tool without using it. You can clear all the doubts of your potential customers by providing them with free trials, freemiums, and experiences for your products.

You can run free trials for 1 week or 1 month based on your products, and you’ll see an instant increase in your sales after the free trials. Many people will use the products and try out different features during the free trials, and if they love the product, they’ll surely purchase it and boost your sales. 

4. Video marketing

video marketing

Videos have changed how we consume content, and it is going to be like this for a long time. Today, many people rely on videos to understand products or even get a feel of them. By creating high-quality videos and short-form video content, you can help people understand your products better. 

You can create videos that showcase the best features of your products, compare them with industry-leading products, and promote how your products are better than others on the market. 

Video marketing is a great way to build connections and brand awareness among your potential customers. Always focus on creating insightful videos and incorporate latest video marketing trends in your strategy. This will increase the viewership, consequently driving growth in your sales as well.

5. Content marketing

content marketing

One of the primary digital marketing strategies for software companies looking to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic toward their businesses is content marketing.

Content marketing includes developing and publishing high-quality, SEO-friendly content that helps your target audience. This strategy helps in engaging potential customers and driving them towards your business. Then subtly, you can introduce your products to them, build brand awareness, and increase sales chances. You can create various types of content, like engaging landing pages, blogs, whitepapers, videos, infographics, eBooks, etc. 

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Suppose you are a software company that develops cybersecurity apps that make online security easier. You can start a content marketing series where you focus on online security, how individuals and companies do this, and how your products can help them strengthen online security. 

6. Paid advertisements for successful digital marketing strategies

paid advertisements and promotions

Paid advertisements on websites and other platforms have always been the go-to digital marketing strategy for software companies that don’t have a budget constraint. There are various ways you can do paid advertising online and offline. While creating paid advertising campaigns, it is essential to identify your target audience. Otherwise, your investments may go in vain. 

7. Product demos and live events

product demos for marketing

You should never underestimate the impact of live events on your marketing. Whenever you get a chance to attend a live event with your products, don’t miss it. Visit live events and give product demos that showcase the best parts of your products. This way, you will market your products effectively, and potential customers can get a feel for the product much more closely.


Digital marketing is an invaluable tool in today’s business landscape, enabling you to not only make sales but also effectively promote your products to a precisely targeted audience. For software companies, in particular, the strategies we’ve discussed above can yield tremendous rewards.

As a software company, embracing these digital marketing strategies can help you not only gain a competitive edge but also lead the market with your products. So, don’t hesitate to incorporate these strategies into your marketing efforts and witness the positive impact they can have on your sales, brand visibility, and overall success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key factors to consider before selecting a digital marketing strategy for a software company?

Consider your goals, target audience, budget, and available resources when choosing a digital marketing strategy for your software company.

Why is defining clear goals essential before implementing a digital marketing strategy?

Clear goals help you focus your marketing efforts and align them with the desired outcomes, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, boosting sales, or enhancing credibility.

How should I create a budget for digital marketing, and why is it important?

Creating a budget is essential to ensure you allocate resources effectively. Limited budgets require prioritization and prevent overinvestment, allowing you to explore strategies with the best returns on investment.

How can offering free trials and experiences benefit software companies’ sales and marketing efforts?

Providing free trials and experiences allows potential customers to test and understand your products, which can lead to increased sales. It also generates word-of-mouth marketing.

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