30+ most important LinkedIn statistics for 2024

by Hassaan Khan
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LinkedIn statistics

LinkedIn is one of the top-tier social media platforms that stands right next to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Gone are the days when LinkedIn was a professional networking platform where employers and employees met and discussed job opportunities.

LinkedIn statistics explain why it’s one of the most used social media platforms globally – one billion monthly active users across 200 countries and territories is no joke.

Many businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators strive to join new platforms sooner rather than later to build their domination in the niche.

LinkedIn is a great social media avenue to explore if you haven’t already—the platform’s statistics explain it all.

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What will LinkedIn’s growth rate be in 2024?

LinkedIn has been on an upward trajectory for the past few years. In 2022, Microsoft revealed its Q4 FY22 earnings. LinkedIn’s Q4 revenue increased by 26% year over year.

Premium subscriptions are one of the main monetization models of social media networks, OTT services, SAAS tools, and online course platforms. In Q1 of 2024, LinkedIn reported a 55% year-over-year increase in LinkedIn premium subscription sign-ups.

However, the premium subscriptions are a small percentage of the overall LinkedIn user base, but they still count as a growth metric.

According to a Statista forecasts report, LinkedIn users are expected to increase by 22.3% (approx. 171.9 million users) between 2024 and 2028.

Numerous statistics reveal that LinkedIn has been growing at a decent pace. It’s no surprise that LinkedIn’s monthly active users, engagement rate, and premium subscriptions will continue to increase in 2024.

How are businesses using LinkedIn statistics?

LinkedIn has been around for over two decades. It has become a massive social networking platform for professionals and experts seeking to connect with like-minded people across different industries. This is perhaps the reason why LinkedIn strategies, statistics, and growth hacks matter in the first place.

Businesses, entrepreneurs, and agencies pay close attention to social media trends and statistics. Let’s elaborate on how businesses are using LinkedIn statistics to up their social media marketing game:

1. Making informed social media decisions

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media networks on the internet. Most business owners who understand the mainstream social media platforms can easily tell that LinkedIn matters. However, the statistics or numbers can be icing on the top.

One of the best use cases of LinkedIn statistics is keeping up-to-date with the latest trends for making informed social media decisions. Many users want to know how popular the social media platform is or how large the user base is to get an idea about the chances of growing.

Undoubtedly, businesses can look into several LinkedIn statistics to get a clear picture of what to expect when joining this platform and putting their time, energy, and money into it.

Forum Human Capital Indonesia and LinkedIn

For instance, Forum Human Capital Indonesia and LinkedIn agreed to work closely on human capital development through LinkedIn Learning. Such historic decisions help shape brand reputations, trustworthiness, and identity. 

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2. Referencing LinkedIn statistics in the content

There are several secret sauces to make a piece of content useful, engaging, and readable. Expert writers opt for a friendly tone, easy-to-understand vocabulary, and a straightforward approach to sending their message.

One of the secrets of writing compelling and informative content is to mention relevant statistics and link to them for reference. It shows that you have done your homework and your point of view carries some weight. You can also use ContentStudio’s free LinkedIn post generator to write the perfect post.

Many businesses use LinkedIn statistics in their articles, videos, podcasts, and infographics to showcase authenticity and earn trustworthiness. It’s an easy and reliable way to make the most of the available LinkedIn statistics data.

Referencing LinkedIn statistics in the content

The ContentStudio team often mentions LinkedIn statistics in the articles. It helps them deliver the essence of the message with conviction.

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3. Recalibrating the social media content development

Social media statistics provide solid insights into social media user behavior, patterns, and trends – LinkedIn statistics are no different. This data can be crucial in several ways, one of which is social media content creation.

Businesses are using LinkedIn statistics to understand how people respond to the content on the platform or using the features available on the LinkedIn platform for the better.

ContentStudio provides in-depth analytics

ContentStudio provides in-depth analytics of various social media platforms. Don’t hesitate to review the LinkedIn analytics of the previously posted LinkedIn content through ContentStudio.

After reviewing several LinkedIn-related statistics, they can recalibrate the type of content they should create for the platform’s audience.

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4. Trying out the LinkedIn premium subscription

Most social media platforms are free unless you use a value-added service, such as ads or a premium plan. Similarly, LinkedIn is also free to use, but the platform has a premium plan that provides accessibility to additional services and tools.

One thing businesses and entrepreneurs look for when analyzing social media network statistics is the percentage of users who upgrade to paid plans.

Businesses are curious to determine how many users switched from a free plan to a premium one. LinkedIn statistics are a great source for figuring that out.

LinkedIn premium membership

LinkedIn keeps pushing free users to try out the LinkedIn premium membership for free to get the full experience of the LinkedIn platform.

5. Testing LinkedIn ads to compare the ROI

LinkedIn ads are a viable option for many B2B companies that want to reach out to the LinkedIn audience. It’s a social media network widely popular among job seekers, freelancers, self-employed, and other professionals. Therefore, experimenting with LinkedIn ads to analyze the ROI is understandable.

Since businesses can see several LinkedIn ad statistics, they are enticed to check out this paid marketing option to reach a wider audience on a different social media platform. Unsurprisingly, advertisers in both B2B and B2C industries don’t rule out the LinkedIn ads option.

LinkedIn ads

Moreover, LinkedIn uses different types of ads to entice users to try out its ads. Many brands are also testing different LinkedIn ads to compare their ROI.

For instance, the e-commerce giant Alibaba uses message ads to attract new sellers to the marketplace.

Alibaba is using Message Ad

6. Understanding what’s working on the platform

One benefit of reviewing any type of social media statistics is that it gives insights into the users’ actions, behaviors, and demographics of the platforms.

Businesses are keen to examine social media statistics to understand trends, especially those regarding the social media platforms they prefer to use, such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

No wonder businesses can understand what’s working on LinkedIn just by analyzing the LinkedIn statistics on and off the platform.

LinkedIn analytics is an excellent source of finding out what’s working for you on LinkedIn. Here’s an example of a top-performing LinkedIn post:

content performance

These are some of the ways businesses might be using LinkedIn statistics to capitalize on opportunities.

Top LinkedIn statistics you must know in 2024

LinkedIn has been growing at a rapid pace despite all the challenges. Most marketers, businesses, and agencies tend to focus on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok to get attention. However, so many LinkedIn statistics are a testament to the idea that LinkedIn is worth paying attention to in the social media realm.

Here are some eye-opening statistics about LinkedIn that you should check out in 2024:

LinkedIn user statistics

  1. LinkedIn has over one billion monthly active users in over 200 countries and territories. The platform had crossed 900 million users mark in March 2023. It shows the rapid growth of this social media platform. (source)
  2. Almost 65 million people use LinkedIn to look out for jobs every week. It’s an astonishing number to comprehend because it’s just one segment of the users. There are employers, self-employed individuals, and freelancers on the platform too. (source)
  3. SimilarWeb is a popular website traffic analysis platform that showcases several website statistics. SimilarWeb said the LinkedIn website received around 1.9 billion visitors in January 2024. (source)
  4. LinkedIn is among the fastest-growing social media platforms. According to a Statista study in 2022, LinkedIn was the seventh fastest-growing business from an annual brand value growth standpoint. (source)
  5. The more users spend time on the platform, the more a social media platform succeeds. According to a traffic report, the average user on LinkedIn spends 7 minutes 40 seconds on every visit. (source)
  6. The use of smartphones is at an all-time high. No wonder all social media platforms are striving to improve their apps. It’s been learned that 57% of LinkedIn users access the platform through smartphones. (source)

LinkedIn Statistics By Regions

  1. LinkedIn has a large user base in the United States. India and China are the next two countries with the most LinkedIn users globally. These three countries are huge markets for any mainstream social media platform. (source)
  2. The United States is a massive market for every major social media platform. The United States accounts for over 31% of the overall LinkedIn traffic in February 2024. (source)
  3. India, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Brazil are a few of the top LinkedIn users countries after the United States. (source)

LinkedIn Statistics By Demographics

  1. LinkedIn is one of those social media platforms where both male and female users are very active, unlike Pinterest, where the female population is dominant. LinkedIn has almost 53.37% male users and 46.63% female users. (source)
  2. 16.8% of LinkedIn users are between 18-24. 34.2% of the LinkedIn users are in the age bracket of 25-34. 19.3% of LinkedIn users are between 35-44. 14.8% users are between 45-54. 9.41% of LinkedIn users are between 55-64. 5.42% of users are 65+. (source)
  3. LinkedIn is a popular social media network without a doubt. A Q3 2022 study showed that the LinkedIn platform is accessed by 40% of internet users aged between 46-55. (source)
  4. Any social media platform can’t afford to neglect the millennial population. LinkedIn understands the importance of this fact. No wonder millennial users make up 21.7% of LinkedIn’s global user base. (source)
  5. Since income is an integral part of the demographics data, there is an interesting stat about LinkedIn users in the United States. The data showed that almost 60% of U.S. LinkedIn users make $100,000 annually. (source)

LinkedIn statistics by engagement

  1. Any website or online platform performs better when users start to explore the platforms, resulting in engagement. The average number of pages per visit on LinkedIn is 7.96, which isn’t bad at all. (source)
  2. Engagement is a powerful marketing and conversion metric. LinkedIn is considered one of the best channels for connecting with decision-makers in an organization. According to a source, over 65 million decision-makers are on the platform. (source)
  3. LinkedIn allows users to publish in-depth posts. The statistics showed that LinkedIn posts between 1800-2100 words get the best engagement rate on the platform. It showcases that long-form content can be pretty helpful in getting a good engagement rate on LinkedIn. (source)
  4. Creator Mode is a LinkedIn feature that provides users with access to certain analytics tools and features to enhance the LinkedIn user experience and increase engagement. As per the source, the creator mode is enabled by over 9 million users worldwide. (source)
  5. Images are crucial to getting attention and engagement. The Okdork’s research shows that the LinkedIn post with up to 8 images (LinkedIn carousel images) receives the most engagement. (source)

LinkedIn business statistics

  1. Businesses, influencers, and experts who publish more often on LinkedIn pages get more rewards. According to an internal study, LinkedIn Pages that post content weekly get 5.6x more followers than Pages that post content monthly. (source)
  2. Email marketing is one of the major marketing channels for businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers. A common saying in digital marketing is that “money is on the list.” Here’s an interesting statistic for marketers: LinkedIn Sponsored Messaging brings twice as much engagement as an email newsletter. (source)
  3. LinkedIn ads are a crucial part of the LinkedIn marketing equation. LinkedIn conversation ads bring twice the engagement as Message Ads. (source)
  4. Businesses that take LinkedIn seriously heavily rely on the tools provided by the platform. According to LinkedIn’s internal data, almost 40% of companies prefer using skills filters to identify candidates. (source)

LinkedIn influencer statistics

  1. LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms preferred by most entrepreneurship and business influencers. According to LinkedIn’s internal data, more than 36,000 newsletters are being published by influencers on LinkedIn. (source)
  2. LinkedIn is a top-tier social media network that creators, authors, social media influencers, entrepreneurs, and business owners use. However, it’s estimated that over 180 million senior-level influencers are active on the platform. (source)
  3. Opinion leaders are thought-provokers of the organizations and society. They influence their respective fields and help transform the trajectory of the system. It’s been learned that LinkedIn is home to over 17 million opinion leaders. (source)

LinkedIn marketing statistics

  1. As LinkedIn doesn’t require any introduction, it’s astonishing to find out that a substantial 64% of global online marketers prioritize LinkedIn as their primary professional network, indicating its solid existence in the social media scene. (source)
  2. Video is an essential content type across all social media platforms, and the same is the case with LinkedIn. It turns out that video content emerges as a standout performer on LinkedIn, with video-based posts securing a remarkable 5x increase in engagement compared to other types of content. (source) Also, use the free LinkedIn downloader for a better experience. 
  3. Any social media platform that provides opportunities for brands and marketing to run marketing campaigns becomes inevitable for marketers and companies. One of the marketing statistics says that LinkedIn marketing tools crossed $5 billion in revenue in July 2022. (source)

LinkedIn ad statistics

  1. According to the LinkedIn blog, brands have noticed an average 10 to 15% improvement in short-term ad performance once their ads have been seen on LinkedIn. (source)
  2. According to Nielsen’s study, LinkedIn ads turned out to be more effective at driving Brand Lift than other top-performing ad platforms on the market. (source)
  3. LinkedIn’s ad platform is one of the most underrated advertising platforms. No wonder it’s used by several major tech giants. Here’s another interesting stat about LinkedIn ads: LinkedIn ads’ potential reach exceeded 808.4 million in 2022, which is an 11.1% year-to-year growth. (source)
  4. LinkedIn internal data revealed that LinkedIn Conversation Ads outperform email by providing 4x higher open rates and engagement. (source)

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Let’s conclude

We at ContentStudio work on our social media marketing tool all day long to make this tool more effective, efficient, and helpful for marketers, brands, entrepreneurs, influencers, and agencies.

LinkedIn holds significant value in the B2B and B2C digital marketing realms. Delving deeper into LinkedIn statistics can help us understand the latest social media trends and user behaviors to sharpen our overall LinkedIn marketing strategy.

The above-mentioned LinkedIn statistics echo the value this social media platform holds and the attention it has received over the last two decades. No wonder we have been guiding users on LinkedIn for quite some time.

Brands and individuals must comprehend that LinkedIn has continuously been growing over the years, and it’s vital to add this platform to their social media marketing mix.

Should you have more questions about LinkedIn and other social media platforms, feel free to explore the blog section of ContentStudio to learn more about social media platforms.

FAQs About LinkedIn Statistics

Let’s answer some LinkedIn-related questions:

Which country uses LinkedIn the most?

The United States has the most LinkedIn users. It’s been learned that LinkedIn has over 200 million users from the United States of America. The next countries with the most LinkedIn users are India, China, the UK, and Brazil.

How big is LinkedIn?

According to LinkedIn, the platform has reached one billion users and has a user base in over 200 countries and territories, which is mind-boggling.

What percentage of LinkedIn users are active?

Remember that LinkedIn has over one billion total users. However, not all of them are actively using the platform on a daily or weekly basis. The research shows that approximately 16.2% of users use LinkedIn almost daily, and 48% use the platform monthly.

How do you increase your engagement rate on LinkedIn?

You can start by creating your profile around a specific niche, targeting a specific audience segment, creating content that resonates with that audience, and engaging with like-minded people on the platforms. That’s how to increase the engagement rate on LinkedIn.

Does Creator mode help in LinkedIn? 

The creator mode helps enable the user to access the analytics and reporting, which eventually helps craft to-the-point and helpful content for the audience.

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