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Pinterest Performance Metrics

Pinterest becomes crucial for brands in today’s digital marketing world to reach the potential audience, collect a stream of traffic and build brand awareness.

Pinterest analytics’ dashboard brings data regarding marketing campaigns to track the conversion coming from different boards and also makes it convenient to structure Pinterest strategies, measure the valuable result and target the right audience.

Following are the attributes explained below:

Pins: The visual content that marketers added on their board.

Engagement: It indicates the total number of audience engagement towards your pins.

Followers: It shows how many people followed you on Pinterest.

Following: The average number of people you followed on Pinterest to view boards and pins in your feed.

Boards: It’s the place where the marketers save all the visual content for the followers to read or share.

Followers Growth

The Pinterest dashboard allows you to monitor the number of users who followed your account, pins, and boards. This graph assists the marketers to address the audiences who follow or unfollow you at a different period.

Published Posts With Engagement

Contentstudio helps you to measure the performance of your pins or posts with the engagement. This graph illustrates the average engagement of the audience towards your post or pins on a daily basis or time interval.

Engagement Rate

Do you want to dig out which of your pins get more repins and help to drive your business goals?

Then, Headed to engagement rate statistic, you can view the percentage of the comments and repins you have got in your Pinterest account.

  • Comments

The statistic shows the comments you have received against the pins by the users.

  •  Repins

Repins show how many Pinterest user share your pin instead of posting their own.

Post Density:

You can view the published pins based on weekdays such as Monday, Tuesday, etc. This graph will guide you in measuring the total no. of posts you published with the social engagement, to understand that which day or time you got the best engagement.

Engagement by day/time 

Marketers are enabled to know about the possible eye on the pins by knowing the engagement day with their time. It helps the customers to find out the best time to post or share the pins on your board for your specific audience and can maximize social engagement.

Top Posts by Engagement

Engagement is something that matters a lot. Pinterest analytics assists you to quickly identify the leading pins on your board, which have more user’s engagement, comments and repins than others.


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