How to Get More Views on TikTok in 2023?

by Hamna Ghufran
12 minutes
how to get more views on tiktok in 2023

If you’re a TikTok user looking to increase the reach of your content and get more views, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss various video marketing strategies you can use to boost your visibility on the platform and attract a larger audience.

From using relevant hashtags and participating in popular challenges, to engaging with other users and collaborating with those with large followings, we’ll explore the various ways you can increase the popularity of your TikTok content and get more views.

So, let’s get started on maximizing your TikTok’s business success!

What is a “View” on TikTok?

On many social media platforms, “views” are measured differently, but on TikTok, it’s quite easy to understand. The second your video begins to play, and anyone watches your video, it is counted as a view. It counts as new views if the video autoplays, repeats, or if a viewer returns to watch it more than once. 

If a video has 100 views, it does not necessarily mean that 100 different people saw it. It indicates that the video was seen 100 times. As an illustration, if one individual watched your video ten times, it would be ten views. However, the views you get while watching your own film are not recorded. 

Getting someone to stick around until the very end? That is a special case. However, since there is a relatively low entry barrier for what constitutes a “view,” collecting analytics on TikTok isn’t too difficult. 

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How much does TikTok pay per view?

In order to reward the most well-known and prosperous users of the network, TikTok introduced its Creator Fund in August 2020. TikTok uses its TikTok creator fund to pay TikTok influencers for views if you qualify. 

Many have been able to determine the average rate even though the corporation doesn’t completely disclose how much they pay a TikTok creator. According to the best estimation, you can earn between 2-4 cents for every 1,000 video views. These views are determined by video, not by your entire account. 

For instance, at 2-4 cents per 1,000 views, if your viral video receives 2 million views, you would have most certainly earned $40 to $80 from it.

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Should you buy TikTok views?

It is not as simple to answer as it seems. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to improve your channel when you first start off. By purchasing TikTok views and fans, you can enhance the popularity and legitimacy of your TikTok account. Just like other social media algorithms, TikTok’s algorithm also determines how popular your video clip is. 

The algorithm would be influenced to share your material with other people more frequently on their For You page if you had a higher number of views, likes, comments, or followers. The idea of buying TikTok views from trustworthy sources makes sense since profiles with a lot of views and likes on each post are more likely to appear in your target audience’s feed.  

You cannot, however, buy success on social media. You might see an increase in your view stats, but your engagement rate will drop, you won’t get any followers, and TikTok will eventually remove the audience you paid to watch anyhow. 

Hence, where it might provide an initial benefit, it can backfire in the long run. A wise approach would be to invest in long-term solutions rather than immediate gratification. Spend your effort creating genuine, long-lasting TikTok engagement rather than your money.

20 ways to get more TikTok views

There is no miraculous solution when it comes to increasing your TikTok views. To determine what works best for you and your account, you must test out a variety of approaches and social media strategies

However, if you stick to the TikTok growth hacks provided below, you’ll be well on your way to expanding your account and receiving more TikTok views. You can quickly improve your TikTok views and make your videos get more exposure with a little work.

  • Naming is crucial

tiktok names are important

It’s crucial to first think about your TikTok name and handle. These particulars have a significant impact on the app’s discovery prospects. Consider your brand and how you want it to be viewed as you create your TikTok account. Think about your target demographics and how they use TikTok. 

Try to select a TikTok name and handle that accurately portrays your brand voice while keeping at least one main keyword associated with your specialization in mind. Keep your company name in the center of the page for better brand recognition.

  • Know your audience

know your audience on tiktok

Everyone can find a particular TikTok subgenre they enjoy, from the incredibly literary BookTok to a thriving rug-tufting scene.

Determine the people you want to spend time with, and then look at prominent accounts in those communities to see what hashtags, formats, and allusions they may be utilizing that might serve as an inspiration for your own related content. 

You can establish connections with your target TikTok audience by commenting and liking things. Hopefully, a fellow book(tok) worm will be motivated by your smart comments to visit your page to see the kind of material you’re producing there.

  • Profile description

Tiktok profile description

It’s time to start writing your TikTok bio next. You now have the opportunity to briefly describe your account and the type of content you intend to post.

Try to be as brief as possible when describing your brand’s vision and the products or services it offers when creating your TikTok bio while keeping your audience in mind and your video strategy. 

Aim to include at least three or four important terms that are pertinent to your content, company, and audience in your TikTok bio. A strategically chosen keyword can quickly improve an algorithm.

  • Thoughtful captions

Since you can short describe any video you publish on TikTok, this is the most logical place to start with SEO. Try to be concise and to the point when writing a TikTok caption.

Don’t forget to employ a few pertinent keywords that are related to your video and your account in general. You can make use of an AI caption generator for ease.

It may be simpler for TikTok’s algorithm to classify the videos you create and disseminate them with both your followers and non-followers through search and the feed if you effectively describe your content with keyword integration.

  • Profile optimization

tiktok profile optimization

Your online persona is reflected in your profile. Your channel provides prospective followers with information about the type of creator you are and what to anticipate, along with your profile photo, “about” section, and the video thumbnails you have chosen.

People will leave your website faster than you can say “hello” if you primarily make DIY videos, but your channel has a music-related aesthetic and vibe. 

Additionally, a neat and attractive profile invites followers just by looking excellent. One can’t even begin to count the number of times a channel is avoided on different platforms just because it seemed dull, pointless, or just plain unattractive. You must be searchable, which is a key factor in profile optimization. 

If you have a strange string of characters in your TikTok name or username but are recognized by your given name, your admirers will not be able to find your profile. In order to make the profile name memorable, you should stay away from unusual characters and symbols.

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  • Viral music

tiktok viral songs

The presence of a well-known song in videos is said to be a significant element that makes them go viral on TikTok and get more views. Do not overuse the “originality” component when developing an original TikTok content strategy supported by your own music.

If you want to ensure that your video gets the most views and popularity, select a song from TikTok’s music collection that is currently trending, popular, and relevant. 

It is definitely possible that a song you deem repulsively ugly best represents your work and attracts the most TikTok followers. In order to get more TikTok views, it must strike a balance between what you like and what your audience likes. Otherwise, no one will watch it.

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  • Carry out research

Research about content on tiktok

This is the most significant and possibly most challenging duty you have to complete for social networking. As you share more engaging content over time, you’ll start to realize that some of them have the sweet taste of popularity sprinkled across them while others get lost in the crowd. 

Utilize the information and the TikTok insights. It will assist you in comprehending the kind of material that performs best and gains the most traction. Once you have amassed a sizable following, you should switch your account type to “pro,” as these insights or metrics are only available in TikTok’s premium accounts. 

Additionally, at this level, you might also want to think about TikTok advertisements. Having the option to examine other people’s accounts utilizing free tools that enhance TikTok analytics can be quite helpful.

  • Employ hashtags

use hashtags in tiktok videosThough hashtags also play a significant role, the TikTok algorithm undoubtedly works wonders. They are a potent tool for increasing TikTok views.

Your films will be more visible and attract more viewers if you use the proper hashtags. Use trending TikTok hashtags that are specific to your video and that are current and well-liked. 

Avoid overusing hashtags as well, as this will make your video appear spammy. If you use them wisely, you’ll see a huge increase in views. Your chances of being featured on TikTok’s explore page and reaching a larger audience increase with the number of views you receive.

  • Stay engaged with the trends

follow trends on tiktok

Since TikTok is all about trends, following them as they develop will greatly improve your number of views on TikTok videos. Of course, you are under no need to partake simply because something is popular.

Make sure your target audience is participating in the trend you choose to join so you can be selective about what you do. 

Trends on TikTok are a terrific way to differentiate your business from the competition and reveal a little more about your brand’s personality. TikTok will show your videos to everyone following the trend you choose to be a part of.

  • Cross-marketing

cross marketing

TikTok marketing cannot sustain itself. Other social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, even Pinterest, and Reddit must be a part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. You need to be present wherever your target market is using the internet. 

By posting your TikTok material on other social media sites, you may cross-promote your TikTok videos. If you look at Instagram Reels, which is the platform’s response to TikTok, you’ll see that many Reels users post TikTok content there.

Even while it’s simple to add your TikTok videos with the TikTok watermark, you can also remove the watermark to make the content look more like it belongs on the platform you’re sharing it on.

  • Time is the key

Tiktok posting time is important

Making sure your TikTok posts go up at the proper moment is among the finest ways to increase TikTok followers. When your audience is most certain to be online is the optimum time to advertise.

The search for that sweet spot may include some trial and error, but the search will be well worth it. For this task to be automated, I advise looking into a TikTok scheduling tool like Content Studio.

  • Be a part of challenges

participate in challenges

On TikTok, difficulties abound. You should take part in the same TikTok challenges as your intended audience. Be ready to showcase your best movements because several of the most popular tasks are dancing challenges.

On TikTok, you have the option to make your own challenges in addition to taking part in those that already exist.

  • Collaborate with influencers

collaborate with infuencers

Keep in mind that TikTok is social, much like any other social media network. Duet and stitch capabilities on TikTok interact with other TikTok creators on the platform, which will help enhance your engagement.

Finding ways to include knowledge about your goods and services in these engagement initiatives should be the first step, but don’t be afraid to engage with other TikTok influencers just because you are intimidated by the quality of their work.

  • Be concise and direct

Be concise and direct

Make your TikTok videos shorter if you want more views. Given that viewers of TikTok are more inclined to watch brief videos. They seek out rapid, interesting content that is simple to digest. People have a limited attention span; therefore, you should ensure that you create interesting videos from beginning to end.

You’ll be more likely to hold people’s attention and gain those crucial views if you keep them to under 60 seconds.

  • Quality is king

qaulity matters on tiktok

It’s critical to keep in mind that people are browsing through their feeds and will only view your video if it appears engaging and is of a good standard. So make sure your content’s quality should be great.

Pay close attention to the lighting first. Your video’s appearance can be significantly improved by good lighting. Second, stabilize your camera with a tripod to prevent shaky footage. Third, edit your videos to make the most of their impact.

  • Gather attention

gather your audience's attention

Getting your viewer’s attention is key to increasing the number of views on TikTok videos. To stand out from the rest of the creators and attract those views, you must use innovative images, attractive music, or humorous material.

Make imaginative and captivating pictures. Sound effects and catchy music should be added. Inform or narrate in an intriguing and compelling manner. Try out a duet video. These hints will undoubtedly be helpful.

  • Increase frequency

increase posting frequency

Although it seems simple, managing this one can be a little challenging. More imagination is needed to produce more TikTok content. But you don’t have to think of fresh TikTok video ideas all the time. In truth, it’s simple to record what you’re doing.

It is simpler to document than to continuously create funny sketches. Additionally, sharing an update with your audience on your phone takes less time than planning and recording for hours to get the ideal shot.

  • Use duet feature

utilize tiktok duets

A duet function is an effective tool that can raise your viewership and engagement levels. As the video you produce will be viewed by both your audience and the opposing party’s supporters, you will be utilizing someone else’s successful film to get views. The split screen in Duet on TikTok has the other user on the right side and you on the left.

  • Employ spark ads

employ spark ads

Utilizing the validity of an organic post by enhancing it is possible with the TikTok ad style known as Spark Ads. Users may connect with your brand using Spark Ads by liking, sharing, commenting, and even bookmarking the material, just like they would with ordinary articles. Apparently, compared to In-feed ads, Spark Ads have a completion rate of 134% higher and a view-through rate of 157% higher. 

Additionally, if you’ve upgraded to a Pro account, you’ll have access to metrics and analytics that can help you optimize your campaign. Similar to the recommendation to “Boost your TikTok content,” this time, you’ll be boosting material from producers or influencers who support your brand’s message.

  • Make enlightening videos

make enlightening videos

TikTok users love educational content, so go into know-it-all mode and impart your knowledge to the globe. While how-to films are particularly popular, answering frequently asked questions or illuminating an unexpected aspect of your business, profession, or product can also provide a welcome diversion from the never-ending dance marathon.

Final thoughts

It can be difficult to manage all of your social media accounts because it calls for expertise and solid understanding. Without an expertise, social media engagement can be difficult, and one may easily become lost in the crowd. 

There is no time to waste if you want to gain more TikTok followers because the app’s popularity is only growing. 

Although all TikTok growth tips are crucial, but not every recommendation needs to be used right away. To begin, pay attention to learning what and when your target market is most active on TikTok. Then, produce top-notch content and post it according to the recommended times

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be more equipped to work on the other strategies we’ve listed here for increasing your TikTok followers.


1. Why did I get so many views on TikTok?

It means that your videos are doing great. On TikTok, this is completely commonplace. It’s because TikTok displays all videos that are posted on the platform to a select group of users on their “For you” tab so they can determine whether or not they are popular. The video will then be shown to even more people if it receives a high level of response during this initial push.

2. Why am I not getting TikTok views?

If you’re not getting TikTok views, your content may be the problem. Check out what others are doing, then start by doing something more comparable. Look at hashtags and what’s trending. You’ll succeed.

3. How long does it take for a TikTok to get views?

Days or even weeks after they are posted, TikTok videos can become extremely popular. Therefore, there is a significant probability that one of your videos will appear on the For You Page if you maintain a regular posting schedule.

4. Are TikTok views real?

Yes. Every time someone views your video on TikTok, it receives a legitimate view. If it is determined that bots or fraudulent accounts are boosting your video’s views, TikTok has stringent restrictions and will lower your view count to 0.

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