How to create social media marketing packages for client success

by Nawal Mansoor
13 minutes
How to create social media marketing packages for client success

Social media marketing has become competitive over time. More and more brands are creating content and trying to convert prospects into clients.

The space has never been this crowded with creators, brands, entrepreneurs, and influencers trying to fill in those same slots.

One way to stand out from the crowd is to create an offer that hasn’t been made before, and the prospective customer can’t afford to refuse it.

So, creating social media marketing packages that seem worth trying is your best bid.

Let’s explore everything you need to know about creating social media marketing packages for client success.

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The importance of tailored social media packages for businesses

Before hopping on the process of creating tailored social media marketing packages for clients, it’s essential to discuss why social media packages are important:

  • Catering to a diverse clientele: A diverse clientele means the business is serving various clients. Serving a diverse client base often signals that the business is growing and clients are satisfied with the services offered. Tailored social media packages for clients are crucial to designing effective social media offers that match their demands and cater to them well.
  • Creating customized deals: Customized deals mean creating offers as per clients’ needs. It’s necessary to understand the customer’s case and handpick solutions that are helpful for them. Creating customized packages for clients often contributes to a better conversion rate. Moreover, customized offers convey that the company gives the client special treatment, making them feel good and pampered.
  • Providing multiple offers: It’s unrealistic to create a single offer and hope to satisfy every client with the same deal. Every client is different – so are their choices. Designing multiple packages sends a clear message that you’re trying to help the customer in every way possible. Now, it’s up to the client to choose the package that suits them best.
  • Improving conversion rate: One important aspect of creating tailored social media marketing packages is that they massively help improve conversion rates. Many digital marketing companies offer two to three packages and keep the option for a customized package open for clients. Usually, these companies use the “Get Quote” CTA to initiate the client conversation.

There are many more reasons why creating and offering tailored social media packages is important, but pay close attention to the above-mentioned ones.

Components of effective social media marketing packages

While most companies and brands hire full-time or freelance social media managers to run their day-to-day social media operations, some clients outsource social media marketing to digital marketing agencies.

Effective social media marketing packages cover all bases. Not only do they have staff to manage everything, but they also have diverse social media packages designed for all types of clients.

Here are some of the key components of designing effective social media marketing packages:

1. Pricing structure

An effective social media marketing package should offer transparent, tiered pricing that aligns with the project’s scale and complexity. A crystal clear pricing structure makes it easier for the social media expert and the client to onboard and work together.

pricing structure

The common pricing structures for social media marketing packages are:

  • Hourly: An hourly wage system is used where the client pays freelancers or part-time employees hourly. The hourly payments are mostly paid over the weekend or at the end of the month.
  • Project-based pricing structure involves a payment system after every completed project. The rate of each project is finalized before starting the project, and the client pays off the due charges when the project is finished.
  • Monthly: The monthly payment system allows social media freelancers or part-time employees to get paid for their work at the end of the month.

2. Package types

One of the essential components of a social media management service is the types of social media packages offered to the clients.

Package types

Usually, there are three types of social media marketing packages are offered:

  • Basic plan – it’s for small businesses and individuals
  • Mid-tier plan – it’s for growing businesses and startups
  • Premium plan – it’s for large corporations and organization

Each tier offers a specific level of services to the clients. The more clients pay, the more value they get.

These social media marketing packages typically vary by service scope, such as content creation, social media publishing, social accounts management, advertising campaigns, and social analytics.

Package customization helps users choose the most suitable package for them. Every brand or business wants to achieve a different goal: brand awareness, lead generation, free trial downloads, customer engagement, etc.

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3. Resource allocation

Resource allocation

Resource allocation is a crucial component of creating social media marketing packages. It involves dedicating appropriate time, tools, and budget to each social media marketing strategy component. This includes assigning tasks to content creators, graphic designers, video creators, social media experts, ad specialists, and analytics experts as needed.

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Efficient resource allocation ensures that each aspect of the campaign is executed effectively without wasting time and within budget.

4. Team deployment

Team deployment

Team deployment means assembling a group of skilled professionals tailored to the client’s requirements and assigning them the project. This team typically includes a project manager, content strategist, graphic designer, social media manager, and data analyst.

Collaborative effort and clear communication among team members are essential for delivering cohesive and successful campaigns. Once the team is selected, it’s deployed for the project.

These are essential components of an effective social media marketing package design process.

Steps to create your social media marketing packages

Let’s unravel the crucial steps involved in the process of creating social media marketing packages:

1. Create a customer persona

Social media marketing packages aren’t just about choosing the services to offer, packaging them well, and putting a price tag on them. Instead, it all begins with building a customer persona.

Create a customer persona

A customer persona refers to creating an imaginary ideal customer that contains all the characteristics of the potential customer. The customer persona is established based on market research and analysis.

It helps with understanding what the potential customers are struggling with and how one can help them by offering them a suitable service. Here are some of the common points that assist businesses in understanding their prospective customers:

  • Analyzing the patterns shown by the paying customers, such as product inquiries, pre-sale questions, etc.
  • Behaviors of the existing customers that make them stand out from the rest of the crowd, for instance, the problems most customers run into while using your product or service
  • The solutions provided by the customer care department that help solve their problems are worth noticing
  • Fixating on similar issues or features regarding social media platforms

Once the customer persona is established, it shows that the brand has successfully identified the prospective audience to target when designing the social media marketing packages.

2. Hire a social media team

The next up is building the human resources for the job. Hiring professional, skilled people should be your highest priority.

Hire a social media team

Since creating social media marketing packages isn’t just about putting up an offer about selling social media management service, hiring the right team for the job is key.

The big question is, who should be on the social media team? Here are the five key positions you should fill in when hiring a social media marketing team:

  • Graphics designer: A graphics designer to designs social media images, banners, infographics, video thumbnails, and featured images
  • Content writer/copywriter: A content writer to writes articles, captions, descriptions, and other write-ups for social media content
  • Video editor: The video editor is a must to create, edit, and prepare videos and Reels/Shorts for social media platforms
  • Social media expert: A social media expert should be a jack of all trades and can create and implement successful social media content strategies by collaborating with other team members
  • Paid ads expert: The paid ads expert runs social media ad campaigns for clients (if needed). Mostly, the ad experts are busy running campaigns for the agency

Once the team members are hired, it’s time to take on the next challenges.

3. Equip the team with the necessary tools

Useful tools are a must when creating social media marketing packages to offer. Even though it’s too early to worry about the delivery of the services, one must be on their toes when getting into the services business.

Equip the team with the necessary tools

One of the crucial parts of offering social media marketing packages is that the team must be equipped with the right tools to make things happen. Here’s the essential toolkit that will help a social media marketing team any day:

  • Social media management tool: A social media scheduling tool like ContentStudio is necessary for managing social media publishing and scheduling content. It not only schedules social media posts but also tracks social content.

  • Website analytics tool: A website analytics tool collects data about the client’s website and helps report how social media traffic grows and impacts the overall digital marketing campaign.
  • AI writing tool: An AI writing tool can be useful when a user wants to write headlines, descriptions, or captions in bulk. It turns out to be a very useful tool when you’re running a social media marketing business. ContentStudio also has an AI writing assistant that provides AI-powered copywriting and speeds up the process.
  • Spelling and grammar checker: A spelling and grammar checker is essential in any brand or agency’s social media marketing toolkit. Try Grammarly or Quillbot to double-check your write-ups when editing your content copy.
  • Online image designing software: Creating social media images, banners, and featured images is important for any digital marketing campaign. Try Canva or Crello to create social media images.
  • Video editing software: A full-fledged video editing software is required when creating social media videos at scale. You can always try online video editors like VEED or Invideo, but you must switch to professional video editing software like Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or Filmora.

The job becomes easier than expected when the team is given the right arsenal to use. Hiring the best social media marketing team won’t work until the company provides them with all the necessary tools to shine.

4. Design social media marketing packages

After identifying your target audience, hiring the social media marketing team, and buying all the necessary tools/subscriptions, it’s time to create your social media packages.

Design social media marketing packages

However, remember that several aspects of designing social media marketing packages play a key role in the success. Here are some of the important ones:

  • Pricing strategy: You must be very cautious when developing the pricing strategy. A little mistake can mess things up. Ensure that you charge a nominal fee across all packages. Plus, you must offer multiple payment plans, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Payment flexibility always has a positive impact on sales.
  • Tier-system: A key aspect of designing social media marketing packages is that the packages should be designed in the tier-system. There should be different tiers; it gets easier for everyone to opt for the right package without breaking the bank. For instance, if an individual wants to publish 3 to 5 posts on personal accounts, there should be a starter package that covers that. Similarly, a startup or small business should be able to pick a plan that doesn’t seem heavy on the pocket.
  • Multiple plans: The more plans, the higher the chance of conversion. Creating multiple pricing plans helps businesses attract, engage, and convert the audience into paying customers. Fewer pricing plans/packages restrain customers’ buying process on a budget. So, always try to make as many pricing plans as possible.
  • Value-added features: The premium or top-tier plans can have some value-added features that make them appealing and worth buying. One of those features could be hands-off publishing, where customers don’t have to do anything. Instead, the social media service provider would take care of everything.
  • These fundamental pricing ingredients assist companies or entrepreneurs in crafting a powerful pricing recipe no matter what they’re selling on the internet.

5. Ask for feedback

Every business owner has a pretty good idea about their product or service price, but feedback can be a difference maker. Don’t hesitate to contact your existing customers and survey them about the packages and pricing.

Ask for feedback

Existing customers, email subscribers, and social media followers are the best audiences for your pricing. Find out what they have to say about your offering. Feedback is the lifeblood of the system.

These are steps for creating effective social media marketing packages for both social media marketing agencies and freelance social media managers.

Ways to onboard clients with your social media packages

Before discussing different ways to onboard clients, every social media professional trying to sell social media marketing packages must understand and implement a sales funnel.

A social media marketing sales funnel is a conduit that brings prospective customers into it and pushes the interested ones forward. It makes the conversion process easier than ever.

A sales funnel for selling social media marketing packages could be a contact form link in the social media bio across all platforms or a “contact” or “get a quote” CTA on the website header that takes visitors to the sales page.

These sales funnels aim to push interested website visitors down the funnel. Once the concept is clear, you can study various client onboarding methods.

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There are several ways to bring clients on board with social media marketing packages:

  • Publish social media content consistently: Regular social media content publishing helps you get noticed. Creating a powerful social media strategy ensures continuous content is pumped out for weeks, if not months. It’ll surely put your brand in front of potential customers at some point.

Publish social media content consistently

  • Use all content marketing channels: Try every possible channel to ensure your voice gets heard. 
  • A brand or individual can create different types of content to stand out. Use videos, audio (podcast), articles, and images/infographics to spread the word about your brand or social media packages.

Use all content marketing channels

  • Set up CTAs across the website: One underrated way to onboard social media marketing clients is to set up call-to-action buttons across your website. 

Adding a single CTA on the sidebar or blog post doesn’t cut it. You have to add multiple, diverse call-to-action buttons across the website to push the visitors to take action.

Set up CTAs across the website

  • Advertise on email newsletters: The easiest yet effective way to onboard social media marketing clients is to advertise on different email newsletters

Start with your own and then move toward other industry newsletters. The number of newsletter subscribers can be anywhere between 1,000 and 20,000.

These are some of the best ways to onboard social media marketing clients.

Advertise on email newsletters

Common mistakes to avoid when creating social media packages

Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes to avoid when creating social media packages:

1. Creating fewer plans

Creating fewer plans

Offering fewer social media marketing packages limits customer choices, potentially reducing the chances of conversion. A lack of variety can cause potential clients to feel that the available packages do not align with their specific requirements or budget, leading them to seek services elsewhere. Creating fewer packages is a common mistake among many social media freelancers and social media agencies.

2. Making packages overpriced

Making packages overpriced

Overpricing social media marketing packages can deter potential clients, especially small businesses or startups with limited marketing budgets. If clients perceive that the services offered aren’t the best value for money, they will likely look for more affordable alternatives, reducing their competitive edge in the market.

3. Writing an unclear website copy

Writing an unclear website copy

A common mistake that some social media agencies make is writing unclear website copy, which can confuse prospective clients. As a result, it becomes difficult for prospects to understand what services are offered, the benefits they will receive, and how to purchase your services. This lack of clarity can lead to lost sales and diminished trust in your company’s reliability.

4. Targeting a select number of platforms

Targeting a select number of platforms

One essential element of an effective social media marketing strategy is to focus on all mainstream social media platforms. Targeting a limited number of social media platforms can reduce the reach and effectiveness of marketing efforts. Different demographics and industries favor different platforms; thus, targeting a select number of social media platforms and ignoring the rest can minimize your customers’ social media reach.

5. No analytics and reporting system

No analytics and reporting system

A well-managed reporting and analytics system is a must in social media marketing. Without an analytics and reporting system, clients cannot track the performance and ROI of their social media campaigns. This lack of transparency can lead to dissatisfaction, as clients cannot see the tangible results of their investment. Therefore, it would become difficult for clients to continue spending on your services.

These are some of the mistakes that many social media experts and agencies make, but they should be avoided at all costs.

Future trends in social media marketing packages

While services demo for prospective customers is the best way to engage and convert the prospects, sometimes, sharing past projects and their results can be extremely helpful in convincing the prospects.

Artificial intelligence is the future of social media marketing. Using AI in social media marketing packages can be useful, whether making AI-powered images for demonstration or AI-based video clips for content marketing.

Utilizing the social media search feature across all social media platforms is a great way to find out what people are searching for and how they find the relevant content. This could be a future trend in social media marketing that brands and individuals can start analyzing ahead of time.

Don’t limit yourself to just a few norms or trends; the sky is the limit. Keep exploring the social media marketing trends and shaping your social media marketing packages with time.

FAQs about social media marketing packages

Here are some of the burning questions about social media marketing packages:

What is a social media marketing package?

A social media marketing package is an offer that contains several social media services regarding social media content creation, publishing/scheduling, and social content analytics. A social media package aims to provide a hands-off approach to publishing social media content.

How do I create a social media package for a client? 

Understanding social media marketing and covering all possible angles of content creation and distribution is the basic principle of creating a powerful social media package for a client. Moreover, having an option to create a customized social media marketing package for a client is just the icing on the cake.

What to include in a social media marketing package?

Multiple social media packages should be tailored to different types of clients. Depending on size, budget, demographics, and platforms, clients can easily pick the right one. Usually, social media packages involve topic research, content creation, content distribution, social analytics, and performance reporting.

How much should I charge for a social media package?

Pricing depends on the experience, exposure, facilities, and assistance offered to clients. Every social media expert and agency charges different prices for their marketing packages. Usually, the packages start at around $150-200 and go up to $5,000 to $10,000 per month.

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