21 Social Media Posting and Scheduling Tools of All Times

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Top Social Scheduling tools

By now we all know the importance of social media presence for solopreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, agencies, and large corporations. Anyone and everyone selling products or offering services need to have active social media channels to interact with existing and potential customers. We made a list of the Top 20 Social media posting tools of all time for you!

For paying customers, an interactive and educational social media presence is a given when purchasing. This helps induce a positive sense of confidence in the mind of the visitor.

On the other hand, not all companies have mastered the art of social media posting and scheduling and quite a few still struggle at creating, planning, scheduling, and publishing content that resonates with their audience.

Each social network poses its unique challenges and rewards for posting and scheduling trending content; e.g. peak posting hours, content type, audience engagement, etc. With billions of users and hundreds upon thousands of potential customers, it is crucial that businesses take heed of these posting trends.

What is the best time to post on Social media?

According to InfluencerMarketingHub, the best time to post on Instagram is 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm on Thursdays (Central Time US). Similarly, for other social channels, it is scattered around the day. It is nearly impossible for Social Media Management teams to manually plan, schedule, and publish 5-8 posts for each social channel at their peak times.

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For this particular pain point, the software development industry has come up with a solution, Social Media Management/Marketing tools or  SMM tools. Today, there are too many social media management and marketing tools in the market, each with its strong points.

Top 21 Social Media Posting Tools of All-Time

We have listed for you the top 20 social media posting and scheduling tools to help you dominate social media marketing for your business. Here are some of the most-used social media tools popular among the biggest brands:

  1. ContentStudio
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Co-Schedule
  4. Tailwind
  5. Buffer
  6. Zoho Social
  7. Sendible
  8. NapoleonCat
  9. Sprout social
  10. E-Clincher
  11. IFTTT
  12. Agorapulse
  13. Postoplan
  14. Later
  15. Statusbrew
  16. Social Pilot
  17. Sociality.io
  18. ContentCal
  19. Planable
  20. MeetEdgar
  21. Loomly

1. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a social media management and content marketing platform which helps marketers, agencies, and corporations put social media posts on autopilot. Its in-depth analytics and true insights modules work in perfect harmony and empower you to make informed decisions about your business.

ContentStudio - social media scheduling and posting tool

The combination of an AI-powered content discovery module, a content composer with approval workflow, and amazing content automation recipes helps you discover, plan, schedule, publish and analyze for multiple brands and social channels with ease.

Get inspirational content ideas by searching for trending news in your industry. Use the composer to instantly create awe-inspiring social posts. You can immediately publish, schedule, queue, or assign a category to your post.

The great thing about ContentStudio is that you get to compose posts, label them, assign categories for heterogeneous content publishing, comments, team member’s activities, approval workflow, content assistant, and automation, all in one window.

Dashboard:  A summary of your progress right in front of you so you’re up to date with everything as soon as you log in

Social Media Scheduler: ContentStudio’s bulk scheduling feature helps you cut scheduling time significantly. You can also add your favorite source’s RSS feed then set and forget as ContentStudio automatically publishes content to your social channels as soon as they are posted at the source.

Content Curation: Using machine learning and AI, we have curated more than 12,000 topics that you can follow to get highly relevant content suggestions immediately.
What’s more, you can create amazing Evergreen content campaigns to maximize the utility of your top-performing content. Combine this with the system generated distinct headlines to eliminate any chance of duplication.

Social media Calendar: Couple this with an interactive and highly visual calendar that empowers you to quickly approve or reject posts before publishing making it an ideal social media scheduler. Switch between calendar or list view for a bird’s eye view of all planned content.

Plan, Organize and Schedule Your Social Content

Experience an organized workflow to streamline your social media posts. Increase your productivity and boost social engagement.

You can also view how your posts appear live on each social channel once posted.

Social media analytics: ContentStudio facilitates you to automate social analytics reporting. It will automatically deliver branded reports with your logo and everything, directly to your inbox at a scheduled time and date. Gain meaningful insights from social data, allowing you to create gorgeous reports to impress clients or team members with the information they haven’t seen before.

Social Inbox: Manage all of your social media conversations from a single place, collaborate and take better care of your customers and followers.

Blog Post Composer: ContentStudio has got a full-featured blog post composer to create search engine optimized and well-researched blog posts. Using the SEO settings and toolbox, optimize your blogs so you can seamlessly target keywords that’ll help you rank higher. You can also add featured images to your blogs.

ContentStudio Chrome extension: For ease of access, ContentStudio also has an instant share Chrome extension via which you can post an article you are reading right there and then.

With prices starting from only $49/ month, ContentStudio is a real bargain for social media managers, freelancers, and businesses of all kinds.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite has been around for ages and enjoys a large user base. It has all the right ingredients of an ideal social media scheduler including content curation, organization, planning, and scheduling.

Features: Hootsuite also has RSS feed integration but unlike ContentStudio, it does not offer auto-posting and content recycling.

Hootsuite - social media tool

With Hootsuite, you are able to add and manage multiple social accounts with ease and create posts yourself or select from an existing pool of posts.

A great plus point for this tool is that it offers a robust training program that not only trains you for the tool itself but also on how to become a successful social media marketer.

Pricing: Hootsuite is one of the few social media management tools that offer a free plan attracting a lot of eyes, their paid plans are set as 

3. CoSchedule

Adhering to the slogan “do more in less time”, CoSchedule is a great social media scheduling tool. It helps individuals and agencies alike to organize blogs and social posts. 

CO SCHEDULE- Social scheduler

Features: Its flagship feature is a content calendar where you can view all social and blog content planned for social channels.

Though an average publishing tool, it still packs all the basic functionalities for posting your content.  An RSS feed integration and ReQueue means you get a steady stream of content.

CoSchedule has a separate dashboard for each client, task templates that you can re-use, social approval, and custom reports.

Pricing: CoSchedule has a single plan for their Marketing Calendar at $29/mo. For further plans, you need to contact them, and they will give you an estimate based on your needs.

4. Tailwind

If your social media marketing strategy relies heavily on visual/ pictorial content then Instagram and Pinterest are the perfect channels for you. The Tailwind app specializes in social media posting and scheduling on these channels.

Tail wind - social media growth

Features: Tailwind too has a content discovery module that finds content (mostly images) for you to schedule and post. You can monitor conversations and analyze statistics to tweak your social strategy.

You can also use the drag and drop functionality to save time while creating posts.

It also has bulk scheduling and intelligent features such as peak engagement suggestions and recommended times for publishing on Pinterest.

Pricing: Tailwind offers a freemium service for their users with limitations, it is still quite handy. Their basic package starts from $9/ month which is enough for bloggers and small businesses. The Max plan then jumps to $39/ month, offering an unlimited number of posts and post designs.

5. Buffer

It is a noteworthy social media scheduling tool used to plan a bundle of posts at once and then schedule them for appropriate times in the future. Buffer allows you to post on almost all social channels but not blog channels.

Buffer- social media tool to grow audience

Features: It has integration with URL shorteners such as Bitly and Buffly to produce branded short links. Buffer also offers a content composer with workflow approval which amounts to a seamless content creation process.

It also has social media analytics so you can evaluate the performance of your social media marketing efforts

Pricing: Buffer provides 2 plans, a Free plan & an Essentials plan. Their Essentials plan charges $5 per social channel every month. In that sense, a customer is free to choose their plan as necessary.

6. Zoho Social

This is a wholesome social media management platform that helps you schedule content for social channels, search for keywords, manage social profiles, and team collaboration.

Zoho social for social media field

Features: At the heart of this tool is an amazing dashboard meant for brand management. This gives a bird’s eye view of the total audience, active audience, engagement, and other statistics for a particular brand.

It also has an editorial calendar, content publishing queues, and a bulk scheduler so you can create as many posts as you want in a single go.

Zoho social lets you monitor keywords and mentions so you can build connections in your industry. In addition to this, you can reply to messages coming in from Twitter and Facebook.

Set appropriate roles for team members so they can comment, discuss, and collaborate on relevant projects in real-time.

Pricing: Zoho Social has 3 plans for their customers. A Standard plan going at $10/mo, their mid-scale Professional plan is at $30/mo, and their large-scale Premium plan is for $40/mo.

7. Sendible

Sendible identifies itself as a social media scheduling and posting tool for brands. It highlights your social schedule with visuals and is best suited for agencies. 

Sendible- to amplify your brands on social media

Features: Its content calendar lets you see all of the posts saved as drafts as well as posts pending approval in the scheduled view.

Sendible uses a unique way to queue your posts in which you can reschedule top-performing content based on in-app recommendations.

Like ContentStudio, you can view the posts to see how they look once posted on the actual social network.

Sendible also lets you integrate RSS feed and bulk schedule posts to save time. The feature that sets Sendible apart from its competition is the inclusion of a Social Inbox, where you can view messages from social channels.

It also has integration with Medium, Tumblr and WordPress to help you better distribute the content you create.

Pricing: Starting from $29/month for solopreneurs with unlimited scheduling, the agency plan will cost you $89/month and still goes up to $299/month for large teams.

8. NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat’s social media Publisher allows users to post across multiple profiles and platforms. Thanks to the user-friendly collaboration features, the tool is best suited for growing marketing and customer support teams.

Napoleon Cat

Features: NapoleonCat’s Publisher allows you to schedule posts in advance and plan content for every week or month. You can post across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

To improve the workflow, you can assign posts to different team members, get notified about changes to content, and exchange ideas in a dedicated discussion panel. 

NapoleonCat’s flagship product is the Social Inbox – a unified dashboard for all social media comments, messages, and reviews. It allows users to reply to all of them easily and build an automated quick-response system.

Pricing: NapoleonCat offers three plans: Standard, Pro, and Custom; the social media Publisher is included in all plans. The prices start from $24/month, and they depend on how many profiles and users you wish to add. You can try NapoleonCat free for 14 days.

9. Sprout social

This is a great tool for building stronger social relationships and engaging with your audience. Though the main purpose is social media scheduling and posting, it offers much more.

Sprout social

Features: With sprout social, you get content automation which will populate your social channels with nice relevant content. Although it has some really cool features but does not support auto post with a queue.

It also offers deep social media analytics and social listening feature for social media strategy evaluation.

You can also use the approval workflow and content tagging feature to update team members on ongoing progress.

A feature unique to sprout social is the visual aids content library using which you can add images to your blog posts.

Pricing: As compared to other tools, sprout social is a bit overpriced with standard packages starting from $89 per user/ month. The professional package with 10 social profiles, analytics reporting,  and custom workflow is $149/ month. The advanced package with all possible features will cost you $249/ month.

10. E-Clincher

If you are looking for an easy to use and comprehensive social media scheduler, then eClincher is an ideal resource for you. The great thing about this platform is that it integrates with almost all social media channels and some of the popular blog publishing websites as well.


Features: This tool offers a special post boosting option which works perfectly with the Facebook ad account. This helps you reach a targeted audience and achieve better results with your paid campaigns.

Much like its competition, eClincher supports RSS feed addition and Smart queues for auto posting. You also get a social inbox and audience engagement feature to manage social media interactions in one place.

Added features include keywords monitoring, content suggestions, Feedly and Pocket integrations, and social media analytics.

Pricing: The basic model of eClincher will cost you $59/ month that includes almost all features. The $119/month premier package has added a media library, live chat support, and Zendesk CRM integration. For agencies, they have a $219/mo package to fulfill their needs.

Analyze, Understand, and Improve Your Social Strategy

Stack your key social metrics against those of your competitors and make targeted steps towards social media success.


It is one of the more prominent names in social media marketing. If you want to streamline your marketing activities, then go for IFTTT (If This Then That).


Features: IFTTT enables you to improve your UX at a reasonable cost. It is an appealing way to operate with both apps and devices at the same time.

There are almost 4000 applets that IFTTT connects to and 15 applets for social networking channels.

These applets are only created for you to make your life much more comfortable, entertaining. You can also automate marketing activities and save a lot of time with this tool.

Pricing: This tool is totally free for your business. If you want to get started now, you are only required to add an email, username, and passphrase.

12. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is another professional social media posting and scheduling tool, covering several aspects of a marketers’ activities. 

Features: It is a dominant social media management and inbox tool which enables you to schedule your post on different social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Agora Pulse

With the help of its social inbox, you can effortlessly connect with your audience, find what they think of your brand, respond to comments, users’ tweets, and so on.

Agorapulse lets you collaborate with your team on engaging with the audiences & organizes your content into a queue so that your team members can update what content is going out at what time and to which social channel.

Pricing: Agorapulse offers a free package for individuals to get started, a $79/mo package for small-scale businesses, and their agency package is set at $159/month.


There are many social media marketing tools, but Postoplan has a  unique trait among them.

Features:Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app, we’re talking about 2 billion monthly users here. Where there is traffic, there are businesses, and following them are marketers. Whatsapp released a business option, where companies can create groups for their customers to showcase and announce products and events. To help manage that, PostoPlan allows its users to schedule content to their brands Whatsapp groups.

Postoplan social features

Now, you can compose and schedule a post to multiple accounts at the same time using PostoPlan including your Whatsapp groups. Moreover, users can add team members and assign roles to them, making sure each member performs within their responsibilities and have the necessary permissions to do so. 

Pricing: PostoPlan has a freemium plan limited to 1 user and access to all networks other than LinkedIn, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Their paid plans are PRO and AGENCY starting from $19/mo & $399/mo respectively. Apart from different privileges given to roles in PRO and AGENCY, PRO limits users to only 10 Instagram and Whatsapp connections while the latter provides an unlimited number of accounts.

14. Later

Later, previously known as Latergramme, started as a simple Instagram scheduler. Now it is a fully-fledged social media marketing tool supporting Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Features: Later focuses on helping with UGC (user-generated content) on social media. It also provides post planning & scheduling in advance along with analytics to keep track of the performance of your posts.

Although it provides scheduling to various platforms such as LinkedIn & TikTok, it mostly specialises in Instagram marketing. Its dashboard shows a calendar based on the Instagram app theme. Creating Instagram stories with it is a breeze, having an intuitive arrangement and composition capabilities. And its Instagram Analytics gives in-depth statistics on the performance of your posts.

Pricing: Later has a freemium offer that is mostly popular for influencers. Its premium packages are $15, $30, & $40 per month for its STARTER, GROWTH, and ADVANCE plans respectively.

15. Statusbrew

Statusbrew is a comprehensive social media marketing tool that helps you monitor and manage your social channels from a single space. They target large enterprises and agencies as their app is extremely versatile.

Features: A key aspect of this app is its Social Listening capability. Marketers can learn what people think about their brand(s) by tracking conversations the brand is mentioned in. Moreover, Statusbrew has a Social Inbox that allows engagement with the audience from a single space.

Status brew

The app can also compose and schedule content to multiple platforms simultaneously, allowing marketers a lot more “coffee breaks” during working hours. Users can manage their team by tracking each members activities via the app, ensuring their participation as a workforce. 

Track and note each channel’s performance with the Analytics and generate reports for clients to keep them updated on the progression of their brands’ digital footprint.

Pricing: Statusbrew’s prices don’t come cheap, however, their targeted audience are agencies and large scale businesses. Their Standard plan starts at $129/mo, and the Premium plan goes for $229/mo.

16. SocialPilot

A competitor to Hootsuite, Social Pilot focuses primarily on being a very economical alternative. Their prices attract many startups or small businesses & influencers, especially the freemium & individual service. 

Social Pilot

Features: It is a feature-rich platform that includes content curation and evergreen recommendations. Users can curate content based on a brands niche, or have a repost recommendation, ensuring that there will always be content ready to post.

You can also Bulk Schedule your campaigns by uploading CSV files. The app then automatically reads the template and schedules all the content accordingly. 

Maximise your posting times with its queues. Queues allow you to set a schedule at peak posting hours for the channels you select. Thus, you only need to compose your post and select the appropriate queue, Social Pilot will automatically schedule the content to the channels and times set in the queue.

This app also supports link shorteners such as bitly & Rebrandly to help users with CTA’s, aesthetic links, & URL tracking.

Pricing: Social Pilot has 4 different payment plans, with the base plan at $25.5/mo for the Professional plan, then at $42.5/mo is their Small Team plan, a Studio plan for $82.5/mo, and finally at $125/mo is their Agency plan.

17. Sociality.io

Sociality.io brings social media teams into one central hub to schedule content, manage social engagements, measure performance, and monitor brand health and competitors.


Features: Using the Sociality.io Engage module, you can generate a team performance report that tracks all your new conversations in a given time period, as well as how many were opened or closed. You can see how long it took your team members to respond to a customer question or comment concerning your brand on social media, plus how long it took to close the matter.

You can also see which team members respond the most and the fastest to gauge their performance as customer advocates on social media.

In the Sociality.io Competitors Module, you can look at your competitors’ fan base, growth, post types, and interactions over a given reporting period. These reports allow you to check how many followers other brands gained or lost from day to day, as well as reactions to posts and overall engagement rate.

Pricing: Sociality.io offers 3 plans: Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Each is billed at $99/mo, $199/mo, and a custom rate for the Enterprise plan. All plans offer access to almost all features and have unlimited users.

18. ContentCal

A competitor to Planable, ContentCal also prioritizes planning and scheduling your posts. It is akin to a calendar rebuilt from scratch as a social media marketing tool. 

The interface is designed to be as simplistic and relatable as possible. Few would need help getting around the app. On its dashboard is a calendar for a workspace, and marketers can immediately start composing a post by interacting with the calendar directly. You can also store your posts for future evergreen purposes.

Content Cal

ContentCal also helps teams’ collaboration and creativity via a Contributions section, where team members can pitch in their ideas. ContentCal supports many apps through their integration with Zapier so that users can stay connected to apps they are already familiar with.

Pricing: ContentCal also offers a 14-day free trial. They have an Essential plan that goes for $30/mo and an Advanced plan going for $96/mo.

Social Media Calendar for Digital Agencies

Organize all your social posts and visualize your client’s social media content plan with an interactive Content Calendar

19. Planable

Planable is a social media marketing tool specializing in post scheduling and planning.

Features: Planable’s key selling point is its adaptable & intuitive interface. It is brilliant. When in the feed view, users can select a channel and plannable will display it as similar to the channels platform as possible. 


For instance, viewing a Facebook channel will show all of your posts as if viewing from your Facebook page or group itself. Likewise, viewing Twitter, or Youtube posts will adapt the interface to match the theme of its platform. 

This feature isn’t limited just to the feed view. When you are composing a post, the composer will imitate the look of your posts when published, giving you a good perspective on your final result. Its interactive calendar makes planning very “plannable”, with a drag-&-drop feature.

There are still some tweaks that Planable has yet to make, as the composer is not as versatile as some of the competitors, albeit its innovative design.

Pricing: Planable has a great freemium service, where users have unlimited access up until the first 50 posts are made. After that, they have a Starter plan for $33/mo and a Premium plan for $84/mo.

20. MeetEdgar

Edgar, the nerdy octopus for social media management, here keeps it simple & easy. The main focus is to help save any creative “assets” you create. This aids you to recycle content by utilising its unique evergreen system


Features: MeetEdgar’s process simplifies planning & scheduling by allowing you to strategize and then store content with features like categories. Ultimately, the AI, or ‘Edgar’ if you will, selects posts to be re-used as evergreen content based on the performance of the posts.

It mainly advocates that due to the short lifecycle of social media posts, reposting is necessary. Users and potential viewers who missed your best performing posts can see that content again increasing engagement, view count, and potentially even revenue.

MeetEdgar also offers post scheduling and analytics to keep you on top of your posts’ performance. Edgar can automate posts for you, allowing you to test different variations of its automation campaign to see which works for you.

Pricing: MeetEdgar provides users with a 14-day free trial, however you need to give your credit card details. There are only 2 paid plans; the Edgar lite plan for $19/mo, and the Edgar plan for $49/mo.

Social Media Calendar for Digital Agencies

Organize all your social posts and visualize your client’s social media content plan with an interactive Content Calendar

21. Loomly

Loomly brings a fresh, intuitive, and clean solution for social media posting and scheduling solutions. It has post ideas that will never let you run out of inspiration. You can manage all your content assets in one place to be used whenever necessary.


Features: Loomly has approval workflow, post optimizer option, and post mockups to see exactly what you are publishing.

It allows you to seamlessly schedule posts for the future with an added touch of content automation for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and GMB.

Another trick up Loomley’s sleeve is the ability to create ad campaigns. You can target and engage with your preferred audience on organic posts. Similarly, you can interact with people using its community management system.

Loomly also offers social media analytics to track and measure channel performance.

Pricing: The base account is $25/ month with 2 users and 10 social accounts, which then increases to $57 and $119 for 6 and 16 users respectively. Finally, their Premium plan lands at $249/mo for up to 26 users.

Which tool do you use for social media scheduling?

This concludes our list of top social media scheduling and posting tools. If you think we have missed any tool worth mentioning, let us know in the comment section.

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