15+ Twitter (X) content ideas to keep your feed fresh in 2024

by Hassaan Khan
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Twitter (X) content ideas to keep your feed fresh

Twitter (now known as X) is a top-tier social media platform and the main contender to Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The platform attracts over 550 million monthly active users globally which is why its crucial to have engaging content ideas for your feed.

Just like other social media platforms, the key to success on Twitter is to put out great content, engage with the audience, and drive a ton of attention. However, it’s not as simple as it may seem.

One has to come up with a bunch of Twitter content ideas to keep the current audience abreast and attract new followers.

Ready to figure out a way to keep your Twitter (X) feed fresh in 2024?

Let’s dive deep into this.

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How often should you post on X (Twitter) in 2024?

The best social media marketing strategy is to create valuable content for the right audience and engage them across all social media platforms. However, it’s vital to know how often one should post on each social media platform.

Twitter posting frequency depends on several factors, such as industry, time zone, demographics, and others. But the general rule of thumb is to post anywhere between 3 to 7 times a day.

Some Twitter users may post somewhere between 3 to 30 times a day, which could be overwhelming for the audience. Sometimes, the followers get annoyed if they see too much of something on social media.

Here are some essential tips on posting on X (Twitter) in 2024:

  • Understand the audience demographics and time zones before tweeting
  • Try posting on Twitter during the day or peak hours (8 am to 4 pm)
  • Avoid tweeting during the night hours (so that you don’t have to hear crickets on your tweets)
  • Figure out the posting frequency over time and stick to what works best for you
  • Keep an eye on Twitter analytics to find out the best time to post on Twitter.

Check out this example:

Niche Site Lady is a well-known niche website builder from the UK. She is quite popular among the niche site builders community on Twitter.

Niche Site Lady

She posts around 4 to 6 times a day on Twitter, which includes her opinion-based tweets, industry retweets, and Twitter threads.

Identify your target audience on Twitter (X): A step-by-step guide

Twitter engagement and interactions don’t happen on a whim. In fact, you have to put in the work to make things happen. A key to success on Twitter or any social media platform for that matter is to have a clear picture of who to target. Therefore, follow these simple steps to identify your target audience on Twitter:

Understand and utilize your strengths 

To identify your target audience, you must first understand your own strengths to be able to better serve them. It’s impossible to help out the target audience without having a clear picture of who you really want to reach out to through social media marketing.

Understanding your strengths means diving deep into your skills, expertise, and areas of interest – figure out what you’re good at and then put it to use.

Some of you might be good at graphics designing, while some may be skilled at copywriting. So you have to gauge your abilities and make the most of your situation.

Abraham John is a great example. He is a UI/UX expert who knows his strengths and uses the Twitter bio marvelously.

Abraham John

Build your customer persona to be crystal clear

Target audience identification isn’t possible without having a customer persona in mind. One has to create an exact customer persona to establish an effective social media content strategy.

A customer persona refers to the ideal potential customer that represents the target audience of a brand or individual. It inherits most traits that the potential customers may have. Therefore, building a customer persona provides a roadmap to identifying the target audience.

Marc Schenker is an SEO agency owner who has figured out his customer persona quite well. His Twitter bio explains it all.

Marc Schenker

That’s how one should be crystal clear about who to target on social media platforms.

Use social media content for engagement

Social media has become a vital marketing and engagement tool for brands, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and brands. Social media content can be utilized to attract, engage, and convert the audience.

When it comes to identifying the target audience on Twitter, it’s no different than any other social media platform. Once you have figured out your strengths and established a customer persona, you can create a social media content plan accordingly.

Fery Kaszoni is an SEO agency owner who specializes in PR campaigns, backlink creation, and SEO services. He has been using social media, especially Twitter so well to get engagement, attention, and leads.

Fery Kaszoni

Fery clearly understands the power of social media content publishing, which is why he is doing so well on Twitter.

Explore all audience discovery options

To put the last nail in the coffin, one must explore all audience discovery options available on Twitter. Always remember that native options or tools are crucial to get engagement, grow followers, and win more visibility.

Explore all audience discovery options

You can always try out the options on Twitter, such as Search, Hashtags, and For You. The search section lets users search content, users, and whatnot. Moreover, you can put the hashtags in the search bar on Twitter to find out the tweets/content around those hashtags.

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Similarly, there is a “For You” section on the homepage that lets users discover new content and users according to their tastes.

Try: Free Twitter (X) hashtag generator

So, these are some of the steps one must take to identify the target audience on Twitter.

15+ engaging X (Twitter) content ideas for 2024

There is no better way to find the best Twitter content ideas than looking at interesting tweets. We spent a good two hours exploring Twitter to find the most engaging tweet ideas to try out in 2024. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best X (Twitter) content ideas for 2024:

1. DM lead magnet

Twitter DM lead magnet is a widely used lead generation and Twitter engagement strategy by social media gurus and influencers. The experts use this tactic to drive engagement, increase clickability, and grow followers.

The way it works is that the user tweets about the lead magnet offer asks for a follow or retweet and provides the promised content via DM.

DM lead magnet

Moreover, it turns out to be a fantastic Twitter content idea to put out valuable content on Twitter. Any brand, entrepreneur, or small business can create a DM lead magnet, such as an ebook or checklist to return the favor and use it when running out of content ideas.

2. Highlight errors

Twitter is a space of versatile topics. You can find discussions about almost anything on Twitter. A lot of experts use X (formerly Twitter) to highlight errors and mistakes made by others.

Highlight errors

Therefore, one of the Twitter content ideas is to create content around errors on a specific website, search engine, or software. It could be a fun hobby or an engagement strategy for bug finders or tech-savvy users – they might as well get some traction on Twitter by doing something they do for fun.

While it may not sound very nice, it would be just fine if it helps a ton of people. So, don’t be guilty if you’re going to highlight others’ mistakes in your tweets. However, you have to be respectful, helpful, and graceful about this.

3. Create a poll

A poll is one of the options users can choose when crafting a tweet on X. So, instead of writing a tweet or posting a picture, the user can create a poll about anything. The audience can respond to the poll and the poll result will appear on the same tweet once the poll time is over.

Create a poll

Poll can be an excellent Twitter content idea, especially when you’re high and dry from the content ideas standpoint. Polling your audience by asking about something they might be interested in talking about could be an ice-breaker on social media.

4. Feedback post

Asking for feedback on a project, design, checklist, or freebie is quite common on Twitter. However, if you’re struggling with Twitter content ideas, then this might be a great opportunity to get back to your keyboards.

Feedback post

Startups and entrepreneurs (especially those who build in public) use Twitter to ask for recommendations, suggestions, and feedback. It can be a good idea to put out a tweet when there is nothing on your mind.

5. Use giveaways

Giveaways and discount offers are some of the best ways to engage the audience on social media regardless of the niche. Brands, influencers, and businesses have been using giveaways for years. The reason it works is that everyone loves free stuff.

Use giveaways

So, coming up with giveaways or even talking about the possible giveaways on social media could get you a ton of attention from the audience. No wonder a lot of experts arrange giveaways from time to time. Therefore, it gives us a Twitter content idea to create content and rejuvenate your Twitter (X) engagement.

6. Funny pictures work

Don’t be too serious on social media. Sure, you have to be composed, respectful, and professional, but sometimes, it’s good to have a little bit of fun with your followers.

Funny pictures work

Don’t hesitate to share something funny and goofy on a lighter note. Sometimes, a joke or a limerick works too, but funny pictures get the most traction. It’s better to share a funny post than sitting quietly for days without posting anything on Twitter.

7. Milestones bring engagement

Milestones are great conversation starters even for introverts. All it takes is to write a comment or reply saying, “Congratulations.” And, it can turn into something good from right there.

Milestones bring engagement

Sharing milestones on Twitter is a fantastic way to increase engagement, attract new followers, and spice things up with existing followers. Don’t hold back your achievements and be open to the world about whatever you have accomplished lately.

8. Reveal valuable lessons

People pay close attention to expert opinions, especially when it’s relevant to their interests, niches, or skills. One of the easy wins when trying to find content ideas for Twitter is to put out valuable content that contains a lesson. It’s a tried-and-test technique to get views, attention, and followers on social media.

Reveal valuable lessons

Uncovering facts, revealing valuable secret nuggets, and sharing the hottest trends – all these are types of content that do well on social media. So, don’t shy away from sharing valuable lessons learned from experiences and experiments.

9. Screenshots attract eyeballs

It’s true that screenshots attract eyeballs on Twitter, but there is a caveat: you must have like-minded followers, which is only possible when you have clarity in your branding, content strategy, and social media appearance.

Screenshots attract eyeballs

Tweets with screenshots tend to do well on Twitter because they mostly have informative insights that make the post interesting. It’s highly unlikely that someone would tweet a screenshot for no reason. It’s been seen that screenshot tweets outperform tweets with no images.

10. Sharing your strategies

Speaking your heart out often does well on social media because people can sense honesty, truthfulness, and authenticity no matter what social media platform you’re on. Don’t be afraid of sharing some of your strategies on social media that could potentially help others navigate. However, don’t spill your guts that put you in trouble.

Sharing your strategies

Keep in mind that sharing your strategies works because you’re being honest about your tactics as well as others can elicit your secret sauce and apply it to their plan. When someone finds your techniques helpful, they tend to follow you more than ever.

11. Success stories make a difference

Twitter content ideas are limitless. You can find anything that could resonate with your audience, and you’re set to make an impact. Sharing success stories on Twitter could be fun, entertaining, and motivating for the audience.

Success stories make a difference

One of the aspects of social media content is to share success stories with the audience. Not only do they get traction because people are interested in them, but also help creators put out more content on social media.

12. Twitter threads are a gamer-changer

Twitter threads are a great option to utilize on Twitter. It provides Twitter users a chance to share detailed stories or share long tutorials without sticking to a certain character limit.

Twitter threads are a gamer-changer

A lot of creators, social media experts, and entrepreneurs use Twitter threads to share helpful ideas, tips and tricks, and hacks that fascinate their audience. So, try to come up with useful content ideas to create a Twitter thread.

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13. Updating the community

Twitter isn’t just about followers and monetization. In fact, it’s a fantastic place to build a community of like-minded people, loyal followers, and existing customers.

Updating the community

A lot of entrepreneurs and brands use Twitter to educate prospects and update existing customers on recent developments.

14. Use GIFs to drive attention

GIFs are one of the popular user-generated content types on social media. People share gifs when they want to express their feelings through a visual presentation. So, they utilize gifs to put forth their thoughts and feelings.

Use GIFs to drive attention

Sure, gifs are fun to consume at times but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should entirely focus on creating, finding, and sharing gifs. These types of social media posts can be used as filler content, but one can’t build the whole social media strategy around that.

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15. Video content makes you stand out

High-quality video content speaks volumes. Brands, influencers, and experts use video content to attract, engage, and convert the audience regardless of the platform – Twitter is no different. The reason why video content makes you stand out is that most of the users are scared of videos and voiceovers, so it creates a vacuum of opportunities for competitors.

Video content makes you stand out

When it comes to Twitter content ideas, there are always topics that are dry or boring to discuss in an article form but a captivating video tutorial could turn the table around. So, one must keep video content whether it’s videos, live streaming, or shorts, as part of their social media content strategy.

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16. Memes are fun to share 

Memes work quite well on Twitter because people can instantly react to them, share their thoughts about them, and reshare them on their timelines, especially if they’re relevant to their industry or interest.

However, memes are one of those types of social media content that you might not want to create or share consistently. In fact, it’s a once-a-week type of social media post because of the brand positioning – it’s a real thing. Anyway, feel free to create funny memes and spread laughter once a week or month.

Memes are fun to share 

So, these are some of the Twitter content ideas with real-life tweet examples. Don’t hesitate to observe Twitter users on your timeline and feel free to take inspiration from them.

P.S. Have a look at these 7 brands that are killing it with their strong meme game on Instagram!

Tips for leveling up your Twitter (X) marketing strategy

It’s fair to hone in on your social media marketing techniques from time to time – it keeps you up-to-date. As far as Twitter marketing strategy is concerned, there are surefire ways to take your Twitter marketing growth to the next level. Here are some tips on skyrocketing your Twitter marketing strategy:

1. Start being more active on Twitter

Well, it’s no secret – the more you’re active on any social media platform, the more you get eyeballs around. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to say anything that comes to mind. Be thoughtful, helpful, and respectful to others.

More importantly, stick to your lane, meaning don’t just add fluff out there because there is already plenty. Try to share value with the audience instead.

Start being more active on Twitter

Charles Floate is an SEO expert from the UK and is known as one of the top SEOs in the world. No wonder he tweets several times a day. And, almost all of his tweets are about SEO, content, and websites which makes sense.

You’ll surely find some influencers and experts in your niche that tweet 4 to 10 times a day. The reason behind their aggressive Twitter publishing strategy is that they want to be more active on the platform to get more seen by the people.

2. Follow people with similar interests

Discovering like-minded people on Twitter isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is to find a couple of relevant folks and follow them. As soon as Twitter notices your pattern of following certain types of accounts, the platform will start recommending similar accounts to you.

Since my Twitter profile revolves around niche site building, Twitter keeps on suggesting other niche site builders through the “For You” and “Who to Follow” sections.

Here’s an example:

Follow people with similar interests

I just stumbled upon this niche website builder, and that happens when you have a clear goal and follow people with similar interests.

Bonus: Learn how to use Twitter (X) advanced search.

3. Fine-tune your Twitter profile 

One of the most underrated Twitter marketing strategies is to optimize your Twitter profile. It’s an easy win; all you have to do is create an engaging cover, write a perfect bio, add a bio link, and choose a suitable name and handle.

A lot of people who want to grow on Twitter keep focusing on the content to post, tweet scheduling, engagement rate, tweet impressions, and other metrics, but miss out on fine-tuning their Twitter profiles.

Mike Futia is an SEO expert, internet entrepreneur, and website builder. He knows the importance of optimizing the Twitter profile. Take a look at the screenshot:

Fine-tune your Twitter profile 

Not only does his Twitter bio explain what he does, but it also shares what he has been building these days. And, he has a perfect Twitter cover that goes well with his profile.

4. Share stories that resonate with followers

One of the tips to succeed on social media is to use storytelling. So, don’t shy away from sharing lessons you learned or weird experiences you have gone through. Just make sure that you’re talking to the right audience.

Sharing stories that matter to your audience would likely hit the bullseye as far as Twitter content is concerned.

Share stories that resonate with followers

Kevin Espiritu is the founder of Epic Gardening. He runs one of the most popular gardening YouTube channels called Epic Gardening. Kevin often shares stories that he finds interesting and his audience responds to him quite well.

5. Schedule tweets to fuel up your Twitter publishing

Since showing up consistently on any social media platform helps you grow faster, scheduling social media content ensures that your content gets published even when you’re asleep.

ContentStudio is a popular social media management tool with a ton of features, such as social media scheduling, blog publishing, social media analytics, AI caption generation, influencer discovery, content curation, approval workflow, and more.


Try out ContentStudio for a 14-day free trial and see it for yourself. The best part is that you can schedule tweets as well, which can help crank up a notch with your tweets publishing.

So, these are some of the tips for leveling up your Twitter marketing strategy.

Plan, schedule, share, and analyze content for 15+ social media channels.

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Start posting on Twitter (X) now

It’s exciting that you have made it to this section. Since you have already gone through 15+ Twitter content ideas for 2024, it’s time to handpick the best ones and try them out.

Most people make a common mistake when getting started on a social media platform: they think that they have opted for a single social media platform, so they can’t use an additional tool or software to manage their social media campaign.

On the contrary, most experts, influencers, and agencies use social media schedulers, AI writing tools, image designing tools, online creative marketplaces, and influencer marketing platforms. So, it’s a mix-and-match game.

At the end of the day, the value your content delivers counts the most. The tools/softwares are just there to help touch that level of excellence and provide a chance to home run.

FAQs about Twitter (X) content ideas

Let’s answer some of the burning questions about Twitter (X) content ideas:

What are the most popular topics on Twitter?

Twitter has a trending section that showcases the top trending topics in the country. It keeps changing as the trending topics change over time. Moreover, the country setting is customizable, which means the user can switch to another country to see what’s trending there.

What type of content is best for Twitter?

Different types of content work on Twitter, such as news, updates, stories, tutorials, and life lessons – anything that provides value, entertainment, and education works best on Twitter.

What kind of content should I share on Twitter?

Any type of content that is helpful and useful for the specific audience works great. However, add visuals, videos, gifs, or threads from time to time to keep your timeline diverse and interesting.

Which niche is best for Twitter?

Twitter works best for several niches, such as SEO, news and current affairs, lifestyle, sports, technology, parenting, and more. The key to winning on Twitter in any niche is to find a like-minded audience through search, hashtags, lists, and engagement.

Hassaan Khan

Hassaan Khan is a freelance writer for SAAS companies, e-commerce stores, and niche websites. He has contributed to SEMrush, ThriveGlobal, BloggingCage, AllBloggingTips, and several other publications. He builds niche websites, publishes e-books, and helps website investors with his done-for-you niche site-building service.

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