How to Grow Your Facebook Business Page Organically in 2023

by Hassaan Khan
13 minutes
how to grow your facebook page in 2023

Facebook is one of the top-tier social media platforms with over 2.96 billion monthly active users. Social media experts often rave about the lack of engagement on Facebook pages, but they still run Facebook business pages. The reason may be that it was the first social media outlet, for crying out loud. If you’re one of those people still clinging to their Facebook pages — which isn’t a bad thing — then you might as well learn how to grow your Facebook page organically.

Everyone doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on advertising, so organic growth on Facebook pages is your best bid.

If you have been doing well on other social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok, you can surely crush it with your Facebook page.

It’s because the idea is the same; you put out something that people:

  • Want to watch
  • Are interested in learning
  • Find amusing
  • Love to share
  • Feel addicted to

You’re all set to learn how to grow your Facebook page. So this article will teach you how to skyrocket your Facebook growth without breaking the bank.

Before I tell you some top-notch Facebook page growth hacks, you must know how to set up your Facebook for success and how the Facebook algorithm works. So let’s get right into this.

What is organic reach on Facebook?

Organic reach refers to the performance of the content on any social or digital platform based on popularity among the masses.

Usually, when a helpful, entertaining, or provoking piece of content gets published on social media, it gets a lot of eyeballs regardless of the platform.

Social media content virality plays a pivotal role in boosting organic engagement on Facebook. The harsh reality is that viral content can’t go viral unless it’s useful, entertaining, or provocative.

In other words, it is a metric that works as an indicator of the success or failure of the social media content marketing strategy.

Every content creator wants to increase overall reach on all major social media platforms — Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

The key to increasing organic engagement on Facebook is to figure out what your strengths are and who you’re trying to reach out to. Once you’re clear on that front, you’re all set to make a mark.

To do so, go in the right direction, try to help others through content, and engage followers at any cost – all these ingredients would boost your reach on Facebook.

How to set up a Facebook page for organic growth

Most social media newbies think that Facebook pages are dead. However, brands, entrepreneurs, and marketers still put their time and energy into running their Facebook pages. One of the reasons why Facebook Pages won’t be dead is that Facebook ads require Facebook pages to run ads.

So it’s not possible that Facebook pages would fade away overnight unless Facebook overhauls the ad system and comes up with a different ad management model.

Plus, Facebook advertising isn’t the only reason Facebook pages are essential. Brands and influencers who have spent years and years growing their Facebook pages won’t let it go that easily. Instead, they’d hold on to their Facebook pages as long as the feature is available.

While Facebook advertising is crucial to getting attention on a Facebook page, there are still ways to grow your Facebook page, even in 2023. Organic growth of a Facebook page is the way to go. You can learn how to set up your Facebook page for organic growth, & engagement.

Here are five key elements of setting up your Facebook page for organic growth:

I. Pay attention to the branding

Branding is an overused term for logo and color scheme selection. However, it involves a brand or product’s name, logo, font, and colors – almost everything that creates a clear distinction between two brands or products.

II. Build a content plan

Organic growth doesn’t happen without creating great content, regardless of the social media platform. So create a compelling social media content plan that triggers admiration, conversation, and engagement.

III. Use a social media scheduler

Social media success isn’t possible without putting out content at scale, whereas you can’t post social media content at scale manually. So come up with a system to automate your Facebook publishing if you want to make a difference.

ContentStudio is an excellent social media scheduling tool for marketers, small and mid-sized businesses, and agencies.

ContentStudio Scheduler

IV. Engage with the audience

Engagement means discussions, conversations, and interactions. It’s a basic ingredient in the social media success recipe – Facebook is no exception.

Organic growth on social media isn’t possible without engaging with the audience. Reply to the comments, ask questions in the comments or captions, and answer the DMs – all these tactics will surely increase your engagement on Facebook.

V. Track content performance

Keeping track of your content performance helps us determine what type of content outperforms the rest. Go through your facebook analytics and pinpoint the pieces, areas, and categories that are doing well. Double down on those winner topics and categories to skyrocket your Facebook reach.

These are a few necessary steps that provide a launchpad to your organic growth on Facebook or any other social media platform.

How does the Facebook feed algorithm work?

There is no exact formula to manipulate or outsmart the Facebook feed algorithm. However, understanding what popular brands, influencers, and experts are doing to grow and applying the same tactics might do the job.

The Facebook algorithm might be slightly different than TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, but the idea is the same – the platform would boost the content that gets the attention. YouTube closely observes users’ content liking and consuming patterns. You’d notice that the platform recommends the type of videos you like or watch regularly.

Facebook and Twitter usually showcase content on the feed that your friends like or comment on.

Since there are no hard and fast rules for understanding Facebook algorithms, it’s tricky to comment on this topic. However, I’m certain that looking through a couple of Facebook metrics could help a ton:

I. Social media analytics

When you dig into your social media content analytics, you get insights into what people like about you, what they are asking of you, and how you can help them.

Analyze, Understand, and Improve Your Social Strategy

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II. Popular social media content

Once a Facebook user identifies the popular content from analytics, it gets easier to double down on that area and get more attention.

Anyway, overthinking the Facebook feed algorithm isn’t going to cut it. Instead, keep things simple and focus on the quality, whether content publishing or spending time on the platform.

All you need is to focus your energies on the following areas:

  • Fresh content ideas
  • Putting out video content
  • Adding infographics/pictures
  • Start being more engaged with followers
  • Stick to your niche when creating content
  • Collaborate with like-minded content creators
  • Cross-promote your Facebook page with other platforms

So these were my thoughts on understanding and implementing the strategies from the Facebook algorithm standpoint.

Let’s head over to the strategies answering “how to grow your Facebook page”.

15+ strategies to grow a Facebook business page

Want to make the most of your Facebook for your busines? Implement the following strategies to turn things around for your Facebook page:

1. Create a content plan for organic growth

If you’re wondering how to grow Facebook page, then the stepping stone to Facebook page growth is to create a solid content plan. Everything great comes at a cost, so don’t ignore creating engaging content for your Facebook page.

I’ve talked about creating a social media content strategy a million times before. Understanding your target audience demand by looking through your social media content history and figuring out what your followers want to consume, and providing them with the exact thing is the way to go.

The best part is that you can utilize the same content across social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok.

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2. Don’t just promote products and services

The fastest way to fail at growing a Facebook page is to focus on promoting your products and services without providing any value to the audience. It won’t matter how good your product or service is unless you touch the human side.

Simply put, try sharing the benefits of a product or how to use the product for a specific job instead of bluntly sharing the product’s features. The competition is so fierce on social media today. Therefore, cold selling doesn’t work anymore on social media. Instead, you have to create a connection with your audience by sharing with some useful and informative content.

3. Prepare content pillars and silos

Content pillars are a bunch of articles that cover the basics inside-out. Pillar content is created to cover the base of any topic and link internally to other relevant articles from now on. Silos are a set of articles covering the same (main) topic and explaining the different angles of the main subject. Usually, 10 to 30 articles are created in a silo to establish topical authority.

As far as the Facebook marketing strategy goes, it’s no different than a blog content strategy. You could analyze what’s working for you on the Facebook page and develop similar posts frequently.

4. Conduct a competitor analysis

Putting out social media content blindly doesn’t work in most cases. Social media experts keep an eye on the competitors’ social media strategies to stay put.

It’s vital for entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands to do competitor analysis from time to time. What it does is it gives them an overview of what competitors are thinking and how things are working for them.

Competitor analysis doesn’t mean one should start copying a competitor. Instead, it’s a strategy to observe competitors’ plans and extract the good without taking the whole thing.

Suppose brand A is manually publishing content on its Facebook page and brand B is using social media scheduling tools to schedule Facebook posts, then brand A can take away this lesson and implement it in their Facebook publishing.

compitetor analysis content studio

Lets checkout this video:

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5. Post at the best time

Figuring out the best time to post on Facebook could turn things around for your Facebook page. The only way to find the best time to post on any social media platform is to go through the analytics and understand the patterns.

The timing of social media posting is way more important than most people think. If you have been noticing that your certain social media posts get a ton of traction and some don’t then observe the timing of the posting.

Don’t hesitate to test out the timing of the best-performing social media posts and experiment with publishing your social media content around the same time. It could be done across all social media platforms including Facebook.

6. Test your posting frequency

Some believe that posting content more frequently would get you more reach and engagement. While it may be true in some cases, you have to A/B test it with posting not quite often.

If you have been publishing Facebook posts or tweeting once a day, try doing it three times a day. Similarly, if you have been posting eight times a day, try posting it three times a day. You indeed would find the right frequency over time.

Therefore, testing is the key to understanding the right frequency for social media. Let’s not forget that it also depends on the niche, brand loyalty, and demographics.

7. Run contests or giveaway

Have you ever thought about getting more engagement on social media? Well, contests and giveaways are attention-pullers, without a doubt. A lot of brands run giveaway contests on YouTube or Twitter, and the reason is that they want attention from the audience.

Let me quickly explain how it works: people who aren’t even interested in your product or service might want to win a free giveaway. Therefore, they won’t have a problem with leaving a quick comment or sharing the post if it could enter them into a draw to win a software license or an iPad, or a t-shirt.

So don’t ever underestimate the power of giving things away to attract, engage, and appeal to an audience on social media.

8. Curate content

Content curation is compiling others’ content and sharing it with the audience. Not only does it value quality content, it also gives the original creator some validation. So it’s a win-win situation for either one. You could curate blog posts, videos, and photos for your Facebook.

Most influencers or pro-bloggers that curate blog posts or YouTube videos get a ton of attention from the original creators because content curation gives their work a fraction of validation. When things unfold after the publication, both parties end up getting more reach and attention on social media.

As a result, the content curator gets to publish new content that attracts new eyeballs, whereas the other creators get their content in front of a new audience.

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9. Use hashtags wisely

Undoubtedly, using hashtags are crucial to your social media reach, but are they as effective on Facebook as on Twitter? Different experts may have different opinions on that.

It’s wise not to miss out on any opportunity that could bridge the gap between you and potential followers on a social media platform. However, don’t go overboard using hashtags on any social media platform.

10. Utilize video content

A social media content strategy can’t be made without infusing video content. Video marketing has become a vital content format across all social media networks. Therefore, avoid this opportunity while trying to increase Facebook reach.

A secret sauce to succeed with video on Facebook is natively uploading videos. Don’t share video links from YouTube or Vimeo on Facebook because natively uploaded videos serve users better. Hence, the platform wins when users utilize more time on the platform while consuming your content.

When you put out content that benefits the social media platform, the platform will programmatically improve your content performance over time.

11. Post reels and stories

One of the social media growth hacks is to capitalize on every feature or tool available on the platform. It may seem difficult for many to come up in front of the camera or record videos, but Stories and Reels could also be made without appearing on camera.

A lot of brands and influencers upload shorter versions of their main videos on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Reels to capitalize on the vertical video format.

Facebook Reels feature has been around for a while and a lot of brands are crushing in with this tool. If you have been ignoring Facebook Stories, Reels, and live streaming, you’re missing out on so many growth opportunities. If you’re having a hard finding a window to post vertical videos, schedule Facebook Reels and Stories.

12. Start a Facebook group

Facebook groups are an excellent facebook community building tool for brands, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. There are millions of groups that exist across thousands of niches.

It doesn’t come as a surprise if you create a group along with your Facebook page. Now Facebook lets you connect your Facebook page and group. You can try to leverage the tool available at your disposal, especially when it’s provided by the platform itself.

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13. Engage with followers

Social media engagement is an underestimated social media hack. The more you engage with people on social media, the easier it becomes for the platform to pop your content.

Engagement works like a charm on all social media platforms – Facebook is no different. Engagement with followers means asking questions, responding to comments and DMs, mentioning friends and loyal followers, and replying more often.

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14. Repurpose existing content

Repurposing content means taking the already published or existing content and transforming it into a new form to upload to a different platform. The idea is to convert articles into videos, articles into infographics, or videos into audio podcasts, etc.

Some digital marketers and bloggers handpick some of their articles and convert them into videos for Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Not only do they repurpose their existing content, but they also capitalize on other social platforms available at their disposal.

Repurposing existing content could be a game-changer when you want more engagement on Facebook. The reason is that repurposing allows you to publish more content across different formats.

15. Encourage user-generated content

One of the strategies to grow a Facebook page is to increase user-generated content on the platform. The user-generated content is the type of content that the audience creates directly or indirectly for the platform.

When it comes to a Facebook page, there could be several ways to create user-generated content, for instance, throw a random question, ask people to share their favorite meme, or allow the audience to contribute to the Facebook page and get attribution to their work.

16. Mention influencers where necessary

Relationships with influencers and loyal followers are a great asset for any social media entity to evolve, revitalize, and grow into something big.

Don’t hesitate to give credit to influencers, brands, and loyal followers wherever the credit is due. Mentioning the experts and loyal fans take the relationship to the next level.

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17. Asses Facebook insights data

Keeping track of your Facebook content is essential to organic growth since it tells you what people like and what people don’t like much. The audience’s attention to the content helps you determine what is working and what is not.

Insights give you an inside-out view of your content performance. Neglecting the analytics won’t be a good idea whether you’re running a Facebook page or any other social media channel. So don’t sleep on assessing your Facebook insights data.

Let’s conclude

Facebook Pages are dead to many people, but it’s still worth paying attention as long as the product is live and active. If you have ignored Facebook pages completely, then you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. Besides running Facebook ads on the platform, try keeping your Facebook page alive by adopting the following tactics:

  • Create & schedule content in bulk, such as images, quotes, or short videos
  • Use a social media scheduling tool to schedule multiple posts and facebook stories at once
  • Invite Facebook friends to like the Facebook page
  • Mention your loyal followers once in a while using the @username feature
  • Collaborate with other creators or experts in the industry
  • Ask a question on your Facebook page if you don’t have fresh content to publish
  • Reply to every comment underneath your Facebook page’s post

All these strategies would surely make your Facebook page pop on the feeds of your followers and friends. When people start mentioning something or responding to something, it triggers the virality factor on the platform.

It informs the Facebook algorithm that it’s exciting and that others might be interested in it. Therefore, the Facebook system starts showcasing that content to other relevant people on the platform. And that’s how your content reaches more people, improving your organic growth.


1. Can you grow your Facebook page?

You can grow your Facebook page by taking advantage of the site’s many features and tools. For example, you can use the “Invite Friends” tool to invite people to like your page, post interesting and engaging content, and use Facebook advertising to reach a wider audience.

2. Did the organically targeted post perform better on Facebook?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the performance of an organically targeted post on Facebook depends on various factors. However, in general, an organically targeted post is more likely to perform better than a non-targeted post, as it is more likely to be seen by users interested in the content.

3. How to organically increase Facebook likes?

There is no easy answer when it comes to increasing Facebook likes organically. However, some tips that may be useful include:

-Encouraging fans and followers to share your content

-Posting high-quality, engaging content regularly

-Running social media ads

-Participating in online and offline communities related to your industry

-Creating a solid brand identity and online presence

4. Is Facebook organic reach dead?

Organic reach is not dead, but it is declining. Facebook has said that they are de-emphasizing organic reach in favor of paid reach, and this is reflected in the declining organic reach of Pages.

Hassaan Khan

Hassaan Khan is a freelance writer for SAAS companies, e-commerce stores, and niche websites. He has contributed to SEMrush, ThriveGlobal, BloggingCage, AllBloggingTips, and several other publications. He builds niche websites, publishes e-books, and helps website investors with his done-for-you niche site-building service.

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