A Complete Guide to Instagram Collaborative Collections Feature

by Hassaan Khan
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Instagram Collaborative Collections

Instagram is home to millions of communities, groups, and fan bases. People get the latest updates from their favorite celebs, brands, content creators, and influencers on Instagram. The photo and video marketing platform has amassed over 1.35 billion monthly active users worldwide. It’s high time to start understanding every Instagram feature available at our disposal.

No wonder Instagram’s parent company Meta pays close attention to making communication easier than ever. Instagram’s collaborative collection is a step in the same direction to take your Instagram marketing strategy to next level. If you’re curious about this feature and wondering what it could be, I highly suggest reading this blog post till the end.

What is Instagram’s Collaborative Collection Feature?

instagram collaborative collections feature

The Instagram collaborative collection is an up-and-coming Instagram collaboration feature for creators, artists, brands, photographers, designers, bloggers, and pretty much everyone.

You might be wondering how it would work. So basically Instagram launched the post bookmarking feature a while back. To understand the collaborative collection feature, you must first figure out what the collection feature is.

Instagram’s collection feature is a bookmarking tool that allows users to bookmark their favorite Instagram posts from other creators and save them to their collection on Instagram.

Instagram announced the collaborative collection feature lately, which makes it possible for Instagrammers to collaborate in a different way. Instagram’s collaboration collection feature allows creators to collaborate with each other on collections.

Since the collection works like a bookmarking feature, the collaboration on the collections could turn out to be an Instagram engagement strategy in the long run. Anyway, if you haven’t had a chance to create your collections on Instagram, I’ll walk you through the process.

Go to your Instagram profile and tap on the three-line options button at the top of the screen. Look out for the “Saved” feature to get started with creating your Instagram collections. If you’re still not sure about where it is, continue reading the blog post.

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Where Do I Find Instagram Collaborative Collections?

create collections with friends

Instagram collaborative collections haven’t been rolled out globally. However, it’s obvious that it will be available in the collection section.

To collaborate on the Instagram collection, you must know how to access and use the collection feature on Instagram.

Here’s how you can find the Instagram Collections:

  • Access your Instagram profile

access your instagram profile

Go to your profile page to find the collections section, or create your first set of collections on Instagram. Tap on the profile icon on the bottom right of your Instagram app.

  • Go to the settings

go to instagram settingsTap on the hamburger (three-lines) option button in the top right corner of the Instagram profile page. The settings will open in a drop-down menu.

The interesting thing is that the collections option is called “Saved” on Instagram, which is a bit weird. 

  • Tap on the “Saved” option.

tap on the save option

Then you will be displayed an option to save it with your friends.

save collections with friends

Once the settings drop-down opens, tap on the “Saved” option from the list. You’ll land on the “Collections” page on Instagram. This is where you can access your previously created collections of Instagram posts.

  • Find your collections

view your saved collections

To create a collaborative collection on Instagram, you’ll need to start by creating a collection and then inviting other accounts to contribute. Once you’ve added collaborators, they can add posts to the collection, which will appear for all viewers.

Keep in mind that collaborative collections aren’t available globally. So don’t panic if you don’t find this option. Anyway, these were four simple steps to finding the Instagram collaborative collections.

How to Use Instagram Collaborative Collections

Instagram collaborative collections are a powerful feature for engaging with other creators and Instagrammers. However, figuring out what it is and how to use it is vital. It’s more or less Instagram content bookmarking. However, Instagram is trying to crank up the notch by creating collections and a collaborative user environment.

Let’s dig deeper into Instagram collaborative collections and find out more.

Here’s how you can start using this feature:

Understand the essence of this feature

Most beginners get mesmerized by a new social media feature and try to find shortcuts to make something happen for them. What they need to do is to try to understand the basics of the new feature.

Once you understand the essence of any new feature on a social media platform, it’ll be easier to navigate. Instagram’s collaborative collection seems perfect for content creators to meet and collaborate with like-minded creators.

Therefore, start with understanding the fundamentals of a platform/feature and then build your strategies around it.

Find out how to access and use it

At step two of using the Instagram collaborative collection, find out how to access and use it. There is no rocket science in accessing the collaborative collections on Instagram. All you have to do is to go to the settings and tap the “Saved” option.

Since I have already shared where this option is located on the Instagram platform, you can go back and read that part. Regarding using the collaborative collection, you must start building your collections on the platform.

Create industry-related collections

One of the essential steps and vital tips for succeeding with your collaborative collections on Instagram is to create industry-related collections. The rule applies to every type of social media platform or content whatsoever.

If you want to maximize this opportunity, try sticking to your genre and creating collections around your industry topics. It’ll help you gain traction from the relevant audiences, which is the whole point of the feature.

Add both photos and videos

Every Instagrammer who is trying to cash in on the collaborative collection feature should add both photos and videos to their collections. One of the Instagram growth hacks is to use every possible feature available at your disposal. Therefore, in order to utilize every Instagram feature, it becomes necessary to put out both videos and photos on Instagram.

Instagram’s collaborative collection is no different; add Instagram reels and posts to make your collections versatile, engaging, and well-crafted.

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Learn from influencers and top brands

Last but not least, try to learn from Instagram influencers and top brands on social media. You may have figured out everything about Instagram’s virality, but there is always a reason why influencers and top brands are ahead in the Instagram game.

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Don’t underestimate the power of attention. There is no harm in learning from experts and successful people on social media.

How Can Instagram Collaborative Collections Grow Your Business?

I have been saying for a while that every social media platform feature has a purpose. No wonder the users who capitalize on those features better than others ignite their success.

Now Instagram is rolling out this new collaborative feature that would allow users to contribute to each others’ Collections. It’s vital to prepare ourselves for this opportunity ahead of time.

Let’s discuss how businesses could milk this opportunity to market their products, engage audiences, and convert fans into loyal customers. Here are five ways businesses can use Instagram collaborative collections to grow:

Establish an engaging community around collections

One of the secrets of growing a business through social media is to build a community on social media platforms. In fact, it doesn’t happen on a whim. You’ll have to give your energy, time, and sweat to make things happen.

Instagram’s algorithm is no different than any other social media platform. To grow your business through Instagram collaborative collections, you must first focus on creating engaging content on the platform.

The shortest yet effective method of building a social media community is to show up to deliver value consistently without hoping for anything in return.

Most starters might get confused about delivering the upfront value. The solution is to analyze the early-stage content of most social media influencers and see how they struggled continuously before their content took off.

Elicit the secret sauce of experts in your niche and try to follow the same patterns. You’ll surely be able to move the needle.

Bring industry-relevant creators closer to the brand

Communication opens up new doorways of opportunities. The problem is that most people want instant gratification, which doesn’t happen on social media for most people. One of the ways to grow your business through Instagram collaborative collections is to create opportunities to bring industry-related creators together.

You could always use your brand as an umbrella to make that happen. You may have seen that some companies organize free seminars or training sessions for free and make them open to the public. The reason why they do such things is that they create awareness and good-win for their brands.

The goal could be bringing more eyeballs around your brand. However, you could use collaborative collections to bring Instagram creators under your brand’s wings. Many Instagrammers might feel privileged to work with brands because it brings them attention.

Have you not seen creator x brand social media campaigns? Brands take creators or influencers on board and create campaigns with them using such campaign names or tag lines. By creating collaborative collections on Instagram and inviting creators to work with your brand, you could make all that happen without using any third-party creator marketplace.

Make a collaborative environment to work with influencers

Social media marketing and influencers go hand in hand. Brands and organizations that take social media marketing seriously often work with influencers to reach a new audience, improve organic reach, and generate more leads.

It’s no surprise that companies use the influence, impact, and brand power of the influencers to send their message across. So working with Instagram influencers could turn things around for brands and help them grow their followers.

Instagram’s collaborative collection feature turns out to be a perfect tool for brands and influencers who want to collaborate on social media. While most social media influencers want to pay for collaboration, sometimes brands offer free services, complimentary products, and brand exposure in return, which makes an exception.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a paid collaboration campaign or a non-paid campaign, this Instagram collaborative collection feature could come in handy for both parties.

Give a shoutout to the most loyal fans

One of the pillars of social media success is “give and take.” You can’t always expect people to like, admire, or favor you unless you reciprocate it. It doesn’t mean you have to fake anything, but instead, a little bit of generosity, positivity, or politeness goes a long way.

Recognizing and mentioning loyal fans or customers is a great way to build a strong relationship with the audience or customer base. A quick and easy recipe to grow your business through social media is to give a shoutout to the most loyal fans once in a while.

You might see brands indulged in different activities, such as giveaways, Twitter chats, discount weeks, etc. All they try to do is to engage their existing customers and social media followers on social media platforms.

No doubt engaging your social media fans through shout-outs or similar strategies would eventually help you grow your Instagram business.

Feature own products from time to time

Growing your business through social media platforms like Instagram isn’t inappropriate. However, it’s vital to understand the rules and SOPs to make it comply with the platform’s terms of use. There is no harm in featuring your products on your Instagram collections. You’re helping the audience by creating those collections with love, passion, and hard work after all.

Just make sure that you’re not pushing it too hard because if you do that, it would sound like you’re desperate to make a sale. And, surely, it won’t be good for the optics. Other than that, it’s all good.

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Let’s Conclude this!

Social media attention isn’t possible without being kind, engaging, and helpful to those who follow you. It’s a noisy space where messages easily disappear. So you better come up with a loud and clear message pointing at the right audience to make an impact.

Influencers understand that being helpful and polite to the audience works. No wonder most influencers reply to the comments, make QnA videos, do live streams, establish Facebook groups, and use every other avenue to connect with people.

One of the social media success secrets of social media influencers is that they try to use every feature available at their disposal. The reason is that they want to squeeze every opportunity to connect with people and get their attention.

Instagram’s collaborative collections are yet another opportunity for creators, influencers, and brands to work closely with like-minded people through collaborative collections. Once you’ve figured out how it works, you won’t have to brainstorm much on the process. Instead, you’ll be creating your collections and looking for other Instagrammers to collaborate with.

Don’t worry if the feature hasn’t been rolled out to your territory or country; it always takes time for social media platforms to make a new feature available to millions of users across the globe. Just hang tight.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Collaborative Collections

When will Instagram officially launch Instagram collaborative feature?

The official Meta blog tells us that this tool is being tested along with several other new features. However, there is no rollout date was announced in the blog post. My best guess is that this feature might be rolled out to a select number of countries in the second half of 2023, and might be available globally next year. I bet Instagram collabs will never be the same.

Can you share collections on Instagram?

Instagram collections are Instagram’s bookmarking feature that lets users save other Instagram posts to get traction. As far as the sharing is concerned, you can’t share collections on Instagram at the moment. However, we could expect that such a shareability feature could be added to the platform.

Where do I find Instagram collections?

To find and access the Instagram collections, go to your profile, open the settings, and tap on the “Saved” tab. You’ll land on the Instagram collections section right away. This is where all of your saved Instagram posts and reels would be available for you to check out. Make sure to keep your collection organized by bookmarking the saved in their respective content categories.

To add a separate category for each collection, just create a new collection and name it according to the content type and continue adding relevant posts or reels to that section.

Do people know if you save to collection Instagram?

Instagram collections are your saved/bookmarked posts and reels. These pieces of content aren’t public unless you share them on your Instagram story or DM your friend. The idea behind the Instagram collection is to create a private catalog of awesome content that you stumble upon on Instagram. However, Instagram is working on bringing the collaboration feature to the Instagram collection.

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