A Complete Guide to Instagram Video Size for 2023

by Hassaan Khan
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Instagram Video Size

Instagram is one of the significant top-tier social media platforms. It’s not just a picture-sharing platform anymore. Instead, Instagram videos are an essential aspect of growth on the platform. No doubt that video content is crucial to attracting new followers, engaging the existing fan base, and making the content go viral but posting the right video size is important.

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Since video is one of the keys (if not the only key) to succeed on Instagram, you need to know the video sizes, dimensions, lengths, and aspect ratio on Instagram videos. Therefore, we decided to help guide you on Instagram video size for 2022 and beyond so that your Instagram’s growth strategy doesn’t fall flat.

Before you set out on a journey to start posting videos on Instagram, it’s essential for every brand, content creator, and entrepreneur/influencer to know the basics of Instagram videos which is why we will discuss the video requirements, dimensions, and resolutions.

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Are you ready to hop on this Instagram video bandwagon and make the most of the opportunities out there? Let’s dive deep into this.

Note: Instagram recently announced that video posts will be shared as Reels. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t post square videos. The only difference is that Reels will be the default video format and style. For more details, check out the official blog post.

What are the Instagram video posting options?

Video hasn’t been this relevant on social media before. So Instagram is keeping up with the competition and trying to push videos as much as possible.

Therefore, it’s vital to understand the Instagram video posting options so that you can put out videos and capitalize on these video content opportunities the way brands and creators are doing it.

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There are several video posting options available for Instagram users:

1. Feed Video

Instagram requires a minimum of 600×600 resolution video recorded at 30 fps. The Instagram square video shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds.

The maximum video size for an Instagram square video is 4 GB. The common Instagram feed video resolution is 1080 x 1080p. Plus, you can post 1080x1350p and 1080x608p resolution videos as well.

Feed or square video was the first video format that was introduced on the Instagram platform, and it’s still relevant.

2.  Carousal Video

One of the simplest yet excellent ways to engage the Instagram audience is to publish multiple videos. Instagram has a carousel post feature that allows users to publish multiple photos or videos at once.

carousal video

A carousel post is a feed post that publishes on the profile and appears on the Instagram followers’ timelines.

Instagram lets you publish square (1080 x 1080p), landscape (1080 x 608p), and portrait (1080 x 1350p) carousal videos. The carousel post size is determined according to the first post in the carousel.

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3. Instagram Story

Instagram lets you post both photos and videos as Story. The recommended video size for Instagram Story is 1080x1920p, and the aspect ratio is 9:16. The file formats for Instagram Story are MP4 and MOV. Furthermore, the maximum file size allowed is 4 GB. Any longer video you post on Instagram Story would be broken up into 15-second clips.

instagram story

4. Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are vertical videos, and the best video resolution for Instagram reels is 1080x1920p. Moreover, reel videos could be up 60 seconds long. Instagram Reels is getting much attention as it’s a competitor to TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

insta reels

5. Live Streams

Instagram live is yet another Instagram video option. Unlike other video options that allow you to upload the pre-made video to the Instagram platform, Instagram live is a live streaming feature that broadcasts the live video to your followers.

insta live

The Instagram live video dimensions are 1080x1920p, and the aspect ratio is 9:16, just like Instagram Reel. Furthermore, Instagram has increased the live stream duration from 60 minutes to 4 hours.

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Why Instagram video size requirements matter

You might wonder why you must go through all the Instagram video size requirements. There are many reasons why it’s essential to keep every social media platform’s content posting requirements in mind, but here are five of the most popular ones:

Default video size and length

Instagram has already given the guidelines for all types of videos on Instagram. One of the reasons why it’s essential to understand the Instagram video size requirements is that it educates you on the acceptable video size and lengths on the platforms. Going through the pre-defined video size and length would help you create videos accordingly.

Meet Instagram video standards

Instagram, just like other social media platforms, has criteria for video uploads. More importantly, they have set a standard that users must meet to capitalize on the platform. For instance, Instagram Reels and Instagram Story are vertical video features, but you can upload landscape videos. Even though landscape videos would be posted, they won’t fit in.

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Mobile devices compatibility

One of the reasons why it’s crucial to comprehend the Instagram video requirements is that it’s a mobile-first social media platform. The mobile-first approach refers to developing an application or platform for mobile before the desktop version in mind.

If users put out content on Instagram without keeping the mobile screen in mind, then the content may end up getting less traction.

Improve the user experience

An important aspect of sticking to the Instagram video size and length standards is that it directly influences the user experience. If vertical videos are recommended for Instagram Reels or Story, and you upload a landscape video, it won’t appeal to the audience because it won’t appear native to the environment.

Agree to terms and conditions

When a user signs up for a social media platform account, the user must accept the terms and conditions of the platform. Users can’t proceed or create an account without agreeing to those terms.

Furthermore, Instagram terms of use prohibit users from copyright infringement, trademark infringement, counterfeit, or pirated goods promotion on the platform. This agreement applies to both video and photo content.

Besides understanding Instagram size requirements, it’s also important to adhere to the terms of use of the Instagram platform.

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What is Instagram video aspect ratio?

The aspect ratio of an image or video is the ratio of its width to its height and is usually written with two numbers separated by a colon, such as 16:9. In other words, it’s the ratio of the width to the height of an image or video.

As far as the Instagram video aspect ratio is concerned, each type of video has a different aspect ratio depending on the Instagram video dimensions. The most common square Instagram feed video resolution is 1080 x 1080p, and the aspect ratio for this resolution is 1:1.

On the other hand, the Instagram Reel and Instagram Story could be 1080x1920p, and the aspect ratio for both is 9:16.

A guide to Instagram video size requirements

Instagram hasn’t been this relevant before. It’s a platform with over one billion monthly active users. The more you dig deeper into Instagram marketing, the more you learn how to capitalize on this platform.

The interesting thing about Instagram is that it’s not just a photo-sharing app anymore. It has evolved into a mainstream social media platform.

If you have been ignoring videos on the Instagram platform, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. Both photo and video formats have massive potential on the Instagram platform.

Since we’ve discussed why Instagram video size requirements matter, it’s time to go through each type of video you could upload to Instagram and understand the dimensions across different video types.

Dimensions for Instagram Feed Video

Instagram feed video has been around for a while. Instagram introduced the feed video way before Instagram Story, Instagram Reels, and Live Streaming. You might come across square, horizontal, or slightly vertical videos on your Instagram timeline.

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The Instagram feed videos appear on the timeline when they get published from the Instagram account you follow. Furthermore, you could also look at the Instagram feed videos from a specific Instagram account by visiting their profile and tapping on the second tab.

The aspect ratio for Instagram feed video is 4:5. Furthermore, you could set the feed video resolution at 1080x1350p. However, the 1080x608p and 1080x1080p video resolutions could also work.

Here’s an example of an Instagram feed video:

insta feed video

Besides learning about the dimensions, it’s also important to know that the Instagram feed video must be at least 3 seconds long and could extend up to a maximum of 1 minute. Moreover, the video file size shouldn’t exceed 4GB.

Dimensions for Instagram Carousal Video Post

Instagram lets users publish multiple videos in a carousel post. It’s a fantastic feature to publish short-form videos such as intros or teasers to entice the audience to watch the full version.

Some brands or creators want to push the audience to watch the whole YouTube video. So putting out a series of short carousal videos could come in handy.

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As far as the dimensions for Instagram carousal video post is concerned, Instagram users could publish square (1080 x 1080p), landscape (1080 x 608p), or portrait (1080 x 1350p).

Take a look at the carousal video post example:

insta carousal

Choosing the first video in the carousal video is important because once you choose your first video in a carousel, the rest of the videos will be cropped to the same aspect ratio and dimensions.

Dimensions of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are short-form, vertical posts, but it supports several dimensions. However, the most suited resolution for videos or posts for Instagram Stories is 1080 x 1920p.

Instagram Stories support both photo and video posts. However the length of an Instagram Story is 15 seconds, but you can publish up to 4 Instagram Stories at once. So you could publish a one-minute video to an Instagram Story that would be divided into four 15-second stories.

Furthermore, the other aspect ratio for Instagram Stories is 1080 x 608p, but it wouldn’t be a vertically full-screen post. Instead, there might be blank spaces above and below the video.

A pro-top regarding publishing videos in Instagram Stories is that shoot videos for Stories with a resolution of 1080 x 1920p – a vertical video looks a lot better in Instagram Stories as compared to a landscape or square video.

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Let’s take a quick look at the Instagram Story example:

insta story

Dimensions of Instagram Reels

Instagram Reel is a vertical video format that competes with TikTok and YouTube Shorts. The popularity of the bite-sized vertical video content forced Instagram to jump on the vertical video bandwagon.

As far as the dimensions for Instagram Reel are concerned, the recommended video resolution is 1080 x 1920p, and the aspect ratio is 9:16. One of the differences between Instagram Stories and Reels is that Instagram Reel doesn’t accept any other video resolutions.

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Moreover, the Instagram Reel video length could go up to 60 seconds. However, Instagram is rolling out a new update that might increase the Reels length to 90 seconds.

Haven’t you noticed an Instagram Reel video before? Here’s an example:

insta reels

Dimensions of Instagram Live Videos

Instagram live streaming is one of the most potent engagement features on the platform. It’s also true that live video isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – most users try to avoid doing regular videos, not to mention live video.

The Instagram live video is pretty much the same as the Reels except for the length. The recommended resolution for Instagram live video is 1080 x 1920p, and the aspect ratio is 9:16. Furthermore, the additional video resolutions aren’t supported.

Moreover, the maximum video length for the Instagram live video was one hour when the feature was introduced. However, it has been extended to four hours now. Plus, the users could save the recorded version of the live stream for up to 30 days on the profile.

Instagram live video example:

insta live video

How long can an Instagram video be?

There is no definite answer to this question. The reason is that there are several types of Instagram video options, and almost all of them have specific requirements. Some Instagram video options accept multiple video resolutions, whereas a few don’t provide this liberty.

No doubt that Instagram has taken the video format quite seriously – it all started with allowing a one-minute square video as a post. However, the photo-sharing platform added Story, Live Streaming, and Reels afterward.

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If you have landed straight to this section of the article, then we’ll be more than happy to help you out. The Instagram video duration is one of the most standard Instagram queries on the internet.

Some Instagram users who look out for such information want to post videos on the platform, whereas some searchers want to know just for general knowledge.

Let us show you the maximum length of videos across all Instagram video formats:

Video Type Aspect Ratio Maximum Duration
Instagram Feed Video 4:5 90 seconds
Instagram Carousel Video 4:5 10 minutes (60 seconds per clip)
Instagram Stories 9:16 1 minute (15 seconds per clip)
Instagram Reels 9:16 90 seconds
Instagram Live Stream 9:16 4 hours

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Let’s conclude!

You may have noticed that I didn’t touch on IGTV at all – it was a long-form video feature on Instagram. However, Instagram has shut down the IGTV app, and the main Instagram app no longer has any integration. When the IGTV feature was around, an IGTV call-to-action button was available on the Instagram profile.

Instagram video isn’t rocket science. I’m hopeful that no one would record a landscape video for Instagram Reels after reading this article, or at least try to capitalize on producing different types of videos for Instagram. Since social media influencers and experts pay close attention to the video, you need to focus on posting videos across different social media platforms. The agenda of this article was to educate and guide you on the video resolutions and aspect ratios for Instagram Reels, Stories, and Feed videos so that you don’t have to spend time researching before recording an Instagram video.

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